Friday, April 10, 2020


Dear Sensible People,
Four Cape Town bottle stores
looted in 24 hours. What will
be next?

          This global lockdown is doing far more harm to everybody than any virus and if you take South Africa as an example this is why it should never have happened. Here we call it a national disaster to make it more scary.
          By 10 April 2020 there were 2003 confirmed cases with 24 deaths in a population of 60-Million 15 days into the 21 day lockdown, which has just been extended by another two weeks.

Tuberculosis (TB):
This has been running wild in ourr country for years and nobody suggested any form of lockdown to contain it. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) it has been the leading cause of deaths in the entire country with 63 000 in 2018. This was down considerably from the 124 000 who died in 2016, but the decrease had nothing to do with any lockdown. TB is very similar to the Corona Virus in that it is spread from person to person through the air when somebody sneezes, coughs or even talks. In Cape Town where the homeless were being put into special shelters there were reports of this being stopped because TB was so prevalent among them. Before this current worldwide PANIC did you ever see anybody going to the shops wearing a mask to prevent them from getting TB?  I accept there is medication for this, but it hasn’t stopped far more people dying than anything like the numbers that will succumb to Corona for which there is, as yet, no antidote. Have we ever done anything on a large scale to prevent the interaction of people aimed at curbing the spread of                                                            *    *    *    *                       
This is what our daughter Belinda Glynn in Australia thinks about the Corona
remedy. If you believe she just went along with with my view you would would be totally
wrong. I stopped influencing her independent thought when was about 3 and still living in South Africa
HIV/ Aids: South Africa is said to have the highest incidence of this in the world.  In 2018 71 000 people were classified as having died from Aids related deaths. There is no cure for it but lives can be prolonged with antiviral treatment. In that year there were 240 000 new infections and our country has an estimated 7-million people living with the disease. It makes them susceptible to fatal consequences if they get certain other illnesses. In spite of the huge number of Aids deaths there has never been any kind of ban on sleeping together although Corona has prompted our comical Minister of Police Bheki Cele to add a no kissing rule to the ‘keep your distance’ one we already had. In fact the current Corona lockdown could cause a massive spike in Aids. If you are confined to your home or live in a shack with no TV what are you mostly likely to do for entertainment? Sales of condoms and Viagra are booming according to somebody we know who works in a pharmacy. Many men however, won’t wear any kind of protection and the poor can't afford condoms anyway. Why hasn’t Cele banned the sale of these because they are clearly encouraging people to do a lot more than touch each other. When did we last have a total lockdown to try and eradicate this deadly disease?
                                                  *    *    *    *
Influenza and Pneumonia: According to the WHO 35 331 people died of these in South Africa in 2017 with flu accounting for around 11 000 a year. The flu vaccine is about 60% effective in healthy adults but the problem is that not nearly enough people get this done. Has South Africa ever made it compulsory to have a flu vaccination?
                                                  *    *    *    *
Road accidents: There are around a million road accidents a year in South Africa of which more than 40 a day result in fatal injuries. But have any of our leaders ever so much as suggested that every driver must stay at home until they have passed an advanced driving test?
                                       *    *    *    *                                         
              The total so far in the 210 countries that have got the Virus is 1 617 530; deaths 97 236 and known recoveries 366 407 in a population of 7.8-billion. A drop in the ocean you could say.   
          As far as I was able to establish the world has never been closed before the way governments have been PANICED into doing now by this Corona Virus. An increased sense of anxiety is one of the mental stresses suffered by those with a panic disorder.  This results in the misinterpretation of non-threatening situations as terrifying events.
          This is exactly what I believe leaders of countries everywhere have done because of an illness that is no more deadly than a host of others that have been with us for a long time.
        The economic destruction they are causing is too terrifying to contemplate with none of the financial experts able to put a price on it because it is so vast.
Jon, a realist who is thankful he and his wife have a TV to watch as well as other technical ways of staying in touch with the rest of the world; no business, no bond, no car repayments and that there is a guarantee on our retirement income investment so it won’t be affected by the stock exchange crash.  
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