Monday, October 28, 2013


Dear Readers,

         My dead son Simon Abbott has become a sort of game show football in the Channel Island of Jersey. The cowards were kicking him about on Facebook now that he’s not around to defend himself.
         And the game’s promoter was none other than Tony Bellows that lover of the truth and defender of cyber-bully Murray Norton (See my post DEFENDING MURRAY NORTON by Tony Bellows)

BREAKING: 30/10/2013 BBC Radio Presenter Murray Norton announced today on his 9-12 slot that it was his last day for the foreseeable future.
         Not content with his long winded defence of Norton on his blog Tony’s Musings, Bellows had to have another punch at Simon by starting a Facebook debate on the Politics Jersey Forum so that everybody could join in.
He began it to discuss Britain’s Mail on Sunday splash about Norton and my son’s death headed
BBC man’s Twitter bullying campaign helped kill my son.
         Through out all this bad publicity Norton, who had previously been so outspoken in running down my son on Twitter and Facebook, remained mum.
         The Mail’s report ended Our calls to him went unanswered.
         South Africa’s Sunday Afrikaans newspaper Rapport got the same brush off.
         And on Tony’s Facebook page Jacques Chartier rightly commented: Murray had the chance to respond. Why didn’t he?  
         A guilty conscience perhaps or more likely the BBC had told him to lie low, at least until my complaint to it had been finalised.

Anybody seen MURRAY NORTON lately?
         Alternatively may be he was relying purely on his friend Tony to bellow enough on Facebook and anywhere else to convince everyone that he had done nothing wrong.

      Jill Gracia summed up Tony’s efforts perfectly with these very appropriate words on the Forum that Bellows was moderating: I have read every single comment on this thread, and all I can say is, as a mother who has suffered the loss of a son, to speak ill of the dead is the most heartbreaking, obnoxious path anybody can take for the grieving parent/family. Not knowing the rights and wrongs of this case let us wait until the true facts become known, and lest we forget Murray Norton is still around to give his ‘take’ on this. Simon Abbott is not and therefore an easy target for the knockers. Let him RIP and give the family some respect rather than airing all the dirty linen in public.

A 2009 tribute that is just as relevant today

         You would think that Bellows would have been more in line with Jill’s thinking having lost his partner Annie in 2009 - the same year that Simon’s sister Samantha died.

         And that tarot card reader of note Maureen Morgan, who is so adept at telling people their fortune, also took this opportunity to knock Simon once again. She was one of eight people including her friend Norton who Simon sued for libel damages in Jersey’s Royal Court.

         After cyber-bullying prevented Simon from holding events in Jersey to raise money for the Samantha Abbott Trust that he set up to help women with post natal depression, he tried to stage one in Britain in Exeter, Devon where his mother’s family had come from.


         That was when Morgan joined Norton and others and effectively killed it. In the court papers Morgan admitted that she posted the following on Facebook: Please take note my Devon fiends – THIS IS A SCAM!  It is run by a man called Simon Abbott who conned and upset a lot of people in Jersey. He tried his luck in Guernsey but we managed to nip that in the bud. Please spread the word. Thank you x
         To show what a lap dog (I was sorely tempted to get the gender right) she was she added that she did this at the suggestion of Mr Murray Norton. Her defence was that she had reasonable grounds (no proof, mind you) for suspecting it was true.
         Presumably if a well known BBC presenter said it was then it must be so.
        But it wasn’t true and this was born out by the fact that neither the Police nor any other official body ever took any action against Simon.

         On Bellow’s knock Simon Abbott page Morgan piously stated: Cyber-bullying is unacceptable but that emphatically is not what happened to Simon Abbott. What he called bullying in my case was telling him publicly on Twitter , in my own name (that made a change as much of the bullying was done by various people using false names) that he was wrong to run a mum’s group on Twitter (MUMsInTheUK) anonymously and encouraging vulnerable women he was a mother too. He wanted to take out another libel action against me for stating the group was run by a middle aged man who was not in the UK, not understanding that the truth cannot be libel.
         Is Jersey not considered to be in the UK then?  

         On the Twitter Profile for MUMsInTheUK it clearly stated it was created by Simon in memory of his sister and it asked people to support the Samantha Abbott Trust.

         Does that make it anonymous Maureen?  Let’s hope, for the sake of your paying customers, that your tarot card readings are a lot more accurate than your Twitter Profile readings. Otherwise I’m afraid, to use your logic that would be classified as conning people.

         Maureen took time out from running down my son to have a go at Trevor Pitman, a member of Jersey’s Parliament. Bellows banned him from the Forum for as Trevor put it: Daring to criticise the handful of people who Bellows was letting have a free rein to attack a man who obviously could not answer back. It probably made him feel important being able to ban an elected politician whilst letting the people carrying out the abuse just carry on.
         But Trevor was not kicked out before the following spat with Morgan, which showed her up for what she is. 

Pitman: Thanks for the message from one of the contributors here, who shall remain nameless reference Maureen Morgan’s homophobic comment that my photo is ‘camp’ (Actually very happy with that as someone who stands up for equality for gay people). But hate filled AND homophobic – what a winning combination Maureen! Still, chuckle I certainly did when I read this; ‘Never mind Maureen’s abuse about your hands on your hips photo Trev. At least you can fit your hips in to a single frame photo.’ Humour – Isn’t it great for stress. 

MORGAN throwing her weight around
Morgan: I said you had a very camp pose – that isn’t homophobic. Camp is defined as ‘exaggerated effeminate mannerisms, posturing.’ My large number of Gay & lesbian friends will find it hilarious that you think I’m homophobic. It’s amazing how much you guess and have wrong about me (That’s exactly what you did Maureen where Simon was concerned). Grow up Trevor.

Morgan: And to clarify I don’t hate anybody, not even you Trevor, despite your aggressive and bullying tactics. The only thing I hate is the lies being told about Simon Abbott (And she knows better than anybody who one of the chief culprits were), the reason I got involved. 

Pitman: Maureen face facts. You are a bully and worse, you have a selective memory about your unwarranted abuse.

Pitman: So Maureen, if the only thing you hate is the lies being told about Simon Abbott, tell me this, having never before spoken to you let alone insulted you what prompted you, let alone warranted the ill-informed abuse aimed at me.
Back on the subject of my son.

Morgan: I’ve been criticised here for ‘attacking a dead man.’ I want to make it clear that my comments are made purely as a result of the issues being dragged into the spotlight by Jon Abbott via the Mail on Sunday. Had that not happened I would not have written another word about Simon Abbott on any public forum. Tony I would be grateful if you would let this comment stand to clarify my purpose please. 

         Bellows had been busy deleting some comments and warning people not to post anything which may be defamatory of Mr Abbott’s father. He added: The moderators have discussed this and think it would be wise to remove any entries which may have potential legal implications. This will be done shortly.
Ring any bells TONY?

         But it is anybody’s guess as to how many people saw certain abusive comments before they were deleted.  As Pitman said: Some may have been wiped by Bellows after my ban to make things look more balanced.

         Bellows did make this one concession to my son. Jacques Chartier has noted that I am friends with some of Simon’s detractors. That’s true, but I always research on a strict historical fact basis. That’s why some of the accusations levelled against Mr Abbott, that he abused women on anti-natal groups, I can see no evidence for.
The BELLOWS still fanning the flames
         As you showed on your blog Tony, you might research on a strict historical fact basis, but then you draw the wrong conclusions from the facts and get some of them wrong as well.
         I’m just wondering what people like Norton, Morgan and the numerous other cyber-bullies who flew in like vultures for the social media killing of my son will do now for amusement.
         Pick on somebody else I suppose, unless the authorities in Jersey do something about this at long last. Vultures can’t live on one kill forever.




Note: I’m not finished yet. There are still some more cyber-bullies who need to be named and shamed. That may be the only way to clip their wings and keep them grounded, at least temporarily, if that’s possible. 


  1. This is a tragic example of The Jersey Way. Media bias and courtroom justice are about who you know, not about what is true. There is limited democracy, and what resembles democracy is limited to matters in which the Crown, the local oligarchy and the finance industry do not have much at stake. There are no checks and balances whatsoever. This allows the local lapdog BBC to exist as news media only as long as it does not hold the locally powerful to any account. The BBC office in Jersey is commonly referred to as part of the Jersey State Media. This Island has banned journalists, forced an opposition politician into exile and later held him as a political prisoner. What happened to your son was that he ran afoul of some individuals who believed they were completely protected by any consequences for their cruel behaviour by virtue of their secure affiliations with The Jersey Way. The factual truths about your son did not concern them. It would not surprise anyone if you were the one who ended up being sued for libel because of Jersey's neofeudalist decision making at the highest level. Jersey's government and local BBC branch are, after all, among those continuing to cover up state-sponsored child sex abuse and involvement of VIPs, including Jimmy Savile.

  2. It is rather telling of 'The Jersey Way' that the picture you have obtained of me was when I was tackling ex-Senator Jimmy Perchard (who was then Health Minister) for 'inviting' Senator Stuart Syvret to slit his wrists. Perchard consequently lost his position at Health, but does this not show the calibre/mentality of some of our politicians?

  3. Mr. Abbott.

    I was going to leave you a comment by copying and pasting the comment I left on the Facebook Group but it has been deleted. I've contacted the Administrators of the group who haven't given me a satisfactory answer as to why it was deleted.

    The gist of my comment was how disgusted I felt that such vitriol could be allowed to be posted against someone who had very recently suffered a tragic and untimely death. I posted that I hoped you, as a parent having to bury a child, would never get to read the comments on there and if you did then I hoped you wouldn't judge all Jersey people from what you would have read on that thread.

    My thoughts are with you, as they would be for any parent who has had to bury one of their children. I can't begin to imagine how that must feel and having to read so much vitriol on top of it can only make things worse.

    Please be assured that there are many good Jersey people who were appalled at what was being posted on the Facebook group, some of whom contacted me, to express their disgust but were too frightened to say so on the group in case they became the next target of such vitriol.

  4. You might note that I did not start the post. It was started by Rico Sorda Please get your facts right. I deleted anything that was potentially defamatory and abusive, and warned posters not to continue.

  5. It doesn't matter who started the post. What matters is the way it's been used to promote cruel allegations about a man who is no longer alive to defend himself and to censor or ban his defenders.

  6. The allegations were removed as soon as the moderators realised what was happening, and the posters warned. Two apologies for the tone and nature of their comments, one did not and was banned from the group.

  7. Tony the Prof aka Tony the Phony. Stop making excuses for your bullying behaviour. Do those you choose to 'ban' usually warrant a thread all to themselves? Know. You were just stroking your ego and worse, unable to man up to admit your being a conduit for attacks on a dead man were sickening. Why you let a handful of cowardly bullies hijack what could have been a good forum is beyond me.

  8. Trevor, I'm (1) no longer a moderator (2) have your replies to me on file together with your comments and abusive language on facebook (3) have removed the thread (4) am preparing a submission of a complaint against you to PPC should you continue to harrass me.