Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lindy Widan, better than the best dentist ever

Dear Dental Patients,
Dr Lindy Widan was the best dentist ever after she phoned me the day after she had taken a tooth out just to make sure I wasn’t bleeding to death.
         Now she’s better than the best dentist ever.
         How many doctors do you know who happily correct their mistakes free of charge?
         Not many I bet.
         Well that’s the kind of thing our Lindy does.
         I had a very rocky molar which had to come out. These things happen when you are 95. And hidden by the tooth was a pointed piece of bone which I only noticed a few days after the extraction and the gum had healed over it.
         No problem Lindy had me in the chair once again to remove the protrusion free of charge. And boy did she battle. Most people would have said my mouth was more than big enough but Lindy had a job getting the bone cutter or whatever they are called into my trap.
         Shortly afterwards she sent me to their dental hygienist by mistake too soon after my last appointment. The result was I arrived to be told my medical aid would only pay if I had it done months later.
         Medical aids are never short of reasons not to pay. But of course they are always looking after the interests of their members.
         No problem Lindy, who has her rooms in the Medicross Medical Centre in the Tokai suburb of Cape Town, agreed to do it herself for free. As I said to her when I arrived, Aren't you sick of treating me for nothing. I hope you haven't got behind with your bond.
         If every doctor followed Lindy’s shining example it would only enhance a profession that has too many practitioners thinking more about money than the welfare of their patients.
         Thanks again Lindy, you are a STAR.
         Jon, who is not exactly a dentist’s gold mine because his Fangs ain’t what they used to be and there are not many left. 
P.S. It's not Lindy in the picture but I needed an illustration.


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  9. I honestly have not heard of a dentist that does that free of charge. The one I went to did something that made my tooth very sensitive and when I went back he charged me even more!