Friday, April 3, 2020


Dear PANIC stricken VIRUS scaremongers,

         Bravo Sweden! Well done. Out of the 2003 or so countries that have so far got it this tiny country with a population of 10-million is the first to wake up to the fact that lock-down will do more harm than good.
         According to Britain’s The Telegraph “To Swedes, it’s the rest of the world engaging in a reckless experiment. Faced with what many believe will be a manageable illness Sweden has decided, for now at least, that lock-down represents a greater risk.” 
         It has 5 568 confirmed cases with 308 deaths.
         Meanwhile the rest of the world is committing hara-kiri with various lock-down versions. Millions of people are losing their jobs daily and are wondering where the next meal will come from let alone pay the mortgage, car repayments and a host of other things.
         Economies are being devastated. You can’t raise taxes if nobody is working.
           Globally the number of cases has reached 1 000 000 in a population of 7.8- billion. What’s that as percentage? I can’t work it out but it must be such a small fraction that if your own savings went down by that amount you wouldn’t even notice it. So if you did the same calculation with the 53 000 deaths so far the result would be even more minute.
         In spite of this governments everywhere are doing what no virus ever could. Corona must be laughing at how a brainless virus has been able to spread such a deadly PANIC among what is supposed to be the earth’s most advanced form of life.
         You can’t get much more brainless than that.
She is South Africa's richest woman so she knows what she's talking about. Is this what we
want because governments are too pigheaded to change to the Swedish way.
         In South Africa the caged sexes are tearing each other apart with 87 000 gender-based violence cases reported in just one week. And 1 700 people have been arrested for being naughty by breaking the curfew in just as short a period. Where they are putting them all is anybody’s guess.
So which is worse: confining people to stop them getting something that has so far affected 1462 lives in South Africa with 5 deaths in a population of 60-Million or let them live normally knowing that Corona is no more lethal than numerous other illnesses people get every day?
         For a moment Donald Trump showed the same kind of sensible approach to the Virus as the Swedes when he said: “We can’t have the cure worse than the problem.” But then he chickened out and didn’t take it any further, although I accept that he has his difficulties. The governors in each of the 52 US states make their own decisions about what should be done to counteract the Virus. This has resulted in no uniformity with three out of four Americans under some form of lock down.
         The USA PANIC record is 245 175 cases and 6069 deaths in a population of 331-million.
This sums up the situation perfectly
         So before we bankrupt and starve the world by making everybody stay at home for weeks or months every country needs to follow the Swedish example.
It’s the only one that makes sense.
Jon, an anti-lock-down advocate.

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