Sunday, December 16, 2012

School Massacres - too late to stop them America

Disciple of Trash
Dear Americans,
         Sorry to have to tell you that you are doomed to have many more school massacres like the Newtown one. And with followers of hip hop artists like The Game, similar horrific things could easily happen all over the place.

          You know why; because you’ve lost control of the USA.

          You’ve let this 'land of the free' business get totally out of hand. There’s just not enough responsible people to be trusted with it.
          Nowhere is this more obvious than when it comes to gun ownership; the use of drugs and the abuse of free speech.
          It’s all very well saying that every citizen has the constitutional right to have a gun, as if it is needed because there is still a murderous Sioux Indian behind every bush. But when anybody can buy anything from a pistol; to an assault rifle or a bazooka as easily as they buy groceries, you are asking for trouble and of course that’s exactly what you are getting.
          In Newtown where a 20 year old boy has just slaughtered 20 kindergarten kids and six adults, we were told that Connecticut is one of the states with the strictest gun control laws in the country. CNN showed us the three guns he had presumably used; all of them legally licensed to his divorced mother.
          There were two pistols and an assault riffle with a magazine big enough to take an army full of bullets. If that’s what this mother was allowed to legally have in one of the strictest gun control states you can imagine how lax the control is in a lot of the others.
          Where did she keep them – in the broom cupboard? She was clearly not fit to own a pea shooter if her son was able to access them so easily. She learnt the hard way of course when she was the first to be taken out.
         But had your country been at all responsible perhaps nobody would have died.
Hop it Game
          Every time a killing like this happens your leaders like President Obama appear in tears saying things like, "We’ve come together to prevent tragedies like this regardless of the politics."
          But what does he or anybody else do about introducing very strict gun control laws – absolutely nothing. The politics are everything, far more important than the children.
Any party in your country that tries to take guns away from all you gun toting, frontiersmen would be as dead as all those kids at Newtown.
          Then there’s the question of illicit drugs. On reality TV shows people openly admit to taking all kinds of illegal substances without any fear of prosecution. Film stars, who are supposed to be role models, do much the same thing.
          Now you’ve given up the fight against marihuana as various states start to legalise it. Will it soon be open season on every other drug, just because you, as nation, have become too weak to stop their use?
          The other aspect of American life that has reached a dangerous level is free speech. As a journalist I have never advocated censorship, but when this is abused in the vile and dangerous way that it is tolerated in your country it’s time to put a stop to it.
Hardly an ogre
          Michelle Malkin, 42, a blogger who has a weekly syndicated column in a number of US papers, and who contributes to Fox News dared to criticise the blasphemous cover of the Jesus Piece, The Game’s new album.
          That triggered a stream of the most crude, racialist and dangerous abuse against her on Twitter from his numerous twit fans, who clearly haven’t got a brain in their heads.
        "Fuck Michelle Malkin & her lanky faggot ass. fucked your dad bitch,"was one of them. Then there was "I’m going to rape you; Michelle wins the racist cunt of the year" and "You look like you got hit in the face with Jackie Chan’s dick."
          And Mr Game himself doesn’t seem to be making any effort to stop his fans from pillorying her in a way that could easily incite a madman to do her harm. Perhaps he’s reveling in the extra publicity.
Making money at the expense of Christians
         Not to worry, it is far more important to maintain free speech and the right for everybody to carry a gun in that country of yours, than to bother about the odd school massacre here and there. And if rapes or other killings result from the kind of inflammatory statements being made about Michelle, who cares? 
Mark my words when the next school shooting occurs the President, whoever he happens to be, will once again tell the nation how sorry he is, but nobody, absolutely nobody will fuck with the gun lobby.
Happy Christmas, especially to those legislators who are too chicken to take on the gun lovers.
          Jon, who handed over his howitzer and machine gun to the Police years ago, even though he lives in crime, ravaged South Africa, where there could easily be a  hijacker in a tank around every corner.  

P.S. We all know what happened to the Roman Empire when the rot set in, not unlike what is happening to the US of A.

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