Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Former strip club waitress hits big time - designing High Fashion

Dear Glamour Girls everywhere,
         Spencer/Lacy is promoting their new winter range in the USA and anywhere else where there is raw weather.
         And the designer is none other than our Belinda Abbott, better known as Boo.
         For those of you who don’t know, Boo has been a designing woman since birth. She actually came into this world with a pencil in her hand. No wonder her Mum, Gayle wasn’t too amused.
         She would be drawing in the playground when all the other kids were on the swing or the jungle gym.
         And when they were handing out the art cup at school, who do you think got it year after year?
         And when she left school and went on to study Clothing Design her disciplinarian father (that’s me) told her gruffly, Fail a year and you are out. We are not paying for you to party and have a good time.
         And boy! did our Boo take that seriously. She worked her but off. She got the highest overall marks in her first, second and third year. She must have got her brains from her mother because her father spent his entire school career banished to the corner.
         Boo got Certificates of Merit for the highest end of year marks for History of Costume (two years running) and Clothing Factory Practice.
        And in her final year she passed CUM LAUDE with 11 DISTINCTIONS - two more than the next best student in the class of 35.
         She was also a finalist in the Du Pont Lycra Fashion Awards for which there were 79 entries.
         So Spencer/Lacy could hardly have somebody better qualified for the job. But you be the judge. Her designs are on the left hand side.
         Boo’s other claim to fame was that she was a waitress at Stringfellows, that famous London strip club patronised by the rich and famous. This was something her father could relate to far better than High Fashion.
         But it wasn’t her mother’s idea of a career for one of her girls. She had to make sure that none of the Christians, who attended her home church got a glimpse of any of the pictures of our Boo in her skimpy waitress outfit.
         Here’s one of the club’s reviews: No wonder Stringfellows’ restaurant is world famous. From a man’s point of view it’s a “MUST – The Times.  Its website describes it like this, As you step into the club you are transported into a world of stylish luxury and joined by the most seductive girls.
        But for Boo that’s in the distant past now. She’s into designing, hopefully for some of those rich and famous who go to clubs like Stringfellows.
         With over 15 years of product design and development experience working with brands like Witcherry and Country Road, Boo is taking Spencer/Lacy in a much more fashion focused direction, creating beautify and unique pieces.
         Her first Winter 2012 collection was inspired by the raw beauty and free spirit of the Native American Indians.
         If you don’t know what Spencer/Lacy is don’t admit it. You will only embarrass yourself.
        It’s an Australian brand that is available through retailers from women’s fashion boutiques to home and lifestyle stores across OZ, New Zealand and now in the US of A.  You can also buy from it on-line through
         Happy Dressing Up,
P.S. By the look of Boo now (bottom right) she hasn't exactly gone to seed sitting at her sewing machine for all these years. I would say that she should do the modelling as well as the designing. What do you think?

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