Thursday, January 13, 2011


Dear South African Jewish Board of Deputies,
          As the main representative of the Jewish community in this country can’t you get members of the faith to stop * squealing like stuck pigs every time somebody says anything that is in anyway critical of Palestine or is it Israel.
          I see in the The Times three stirrers David Hersch, Dr Joselle Reuben and Howard Joffee are jumping up and down protesting against none other than our own Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Arch, Desmond Tutu.
          According to the paper this perfectionist trio claim that Tutu made "false and bigoted"comparisons between Israel and apartheid South Africa after he investigated Israel’s human rights abuses against the Palestinians in Gaza on behalf of the United Nations. Not content with that they’ve drawn up a petition in which they claim that Tutu was dishonest in portraying Israel as a "racist society."
          Does this add up? They are saying that you can become an Anglican Archbishop;  winner of that insignificant Nobel Peace Prize; be awarded the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism; the Gandhi Peace Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom and  still be a "bloody liar."
          I’d be interested to know how many Peace prizes or any other prizes of any significance that have been won by any member of this trio. Perhaps one of your Board members can tell me?
          I see that our beloved Arch has really ruffled feathers among the chosen race. On one of his visits to Israel, according to Wikipedia, the open minded locals vented their anger on him. Here’s a sample written on the walls of St George’s Cathedral in East Jerusalem BLACK NAZI PIG.  Apart from what we already know about the Nazis, isn’t a pig supposed to be unclean or something although our family find it quite delectable, especially the crackling.
       Funny the writer should refer to the Nazi’s. Weren’t they scrawling similar things on walls about the Jews at one time?
          More recently top American criminal lawyer Alan Dershowitz called Tutu a "racist and a bigot" at a conference in Durban. He has had considerable success defending high profile celebrities and among the people he has represented are Mike Tyson, Patty Hearst and he was also an adviser for the defence in the O.J. Simpson case.
          You would think that being such an eminent legal man he would choose his words very carefully. According to my dictionary a "bigot, is a person unreasonably and intolerantly devoted to a particular creed." To use a well known legal term, "Et tu Dershowitz."
          The petitioners, say the The Times, claim that Tutu never investigated the Sudan or other scenes of genuine, massive human rights abuses. Of course he didn't. If his mandate was to look at the goings on in Israel, he could hardly be expected to take a trip round the world.
          They also accuse Tutu of refusing to call Israel by its name by referring to it as Palestine which it was 20 years ago. What a crime. You know what the Nazi's would have done to him, don't you.
          The aim of the petition is to have Tutu given the made-in-Israel Jackboot as patron of two Holocaust centers in South Africa. And 250 like minded people are supposed to have signed the petition within 24 hours. At this rate the rapid growth of the Nazi party would have had nothing on the popularity of the anti Tutu movement.  
          Having sharpened his courage on the Nazi-like apartheid regime, our Arch is not easily scared. He won't step down and this is what he had to say: "These centers make an enormous contribution to our collective memory and understanding of the hateful and hurtful effects of prejudice and discrimination." How right you are Arch, and I can think of quite few people
who should should be compelled  to visit them regularly until they are completely cured.
          The learned petitioners want those other pillars of anti-semitism given the same treatment as Tutu. At least that’s what the authors of the petition seem to think about former South African judge, Richard Goldstone and Kadar Asmal, the one time Minister of Education in the African National Congress Government.
          Goldstone put his Jewish foot in it when he led a UN fact finding mission to Gaza and betrayed the cause big time when his mission reported that the Israelis and Hamas had both violated the laws of war.. I’m not sure what Asmal is supposed to have to done, but it was no doubt a serious crime like telling the truth.
         Mercia Andrews, convenor of the Palestine Solidarity Group, came out with this understatement about the trio: "They are an extremist voice." Referring to the Arch she said: "We require more such voices in the world."
          What I want to know Messrs Jewish Board of Deputies is there now a danger that if Tutu and his fellow transgressors were to step foot in that state somewhere in the Middle East will they find themselves confined to an Israeli concentration camp or …… ?
          Yours honourably,
          Jon, Fellow of Middle East History and Israeli/Hamas relations.
* That bit about stuck pigs is a commonly used term and has no religious connotations.
P.S. This is the email correspondence I had with the arch after I suggested he read this post.
Dear Archbishop Desmond Tutu  (it's about time I showed some respect),
Thanks for your very prompt reply. If we all had your sense of humour nobody would be fighting anywhere.
Dear Friend,
It's hilarious, barbed and very clever. Thanks for your piece on the on-going saga of being anti-Semitic when one points out wrongs of not the Jewish people but of the Israeli Government.
Love and blessings to you and your Gayle,
It's noteworthy that his "arch' does not begin with a capital

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  1. Is it not extraordinary how the holier-than-thou luminaries at such fine bodies as the Palestine Solidarity Group and Open Shuhada Street, and now Dearjon Funnyface, find words to describe those who don't agree with them as "extremists", "fringe group" and now "stirrers"? Par for the course with these fine people who’s only answer and weapon is to pour scorn, ridicule and derision on anyone who opposes them. Pure and typical projection of the very things they are guilty of.

    I suggest your readers access the petition at, which is well set out and presented with the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish quotations of Archbishop Tutu over the last 22 years and decide for yourselves.

    Have you actually read the petition Dearjon, rather than just the very superficial newspaper reports? I doubt it as you would have no answer to what is laid out in the petition in your rather smooth and glib writing style as what is laid out there is factual and provable with references and sources quoted.

    In answer to your question about someone of Tutu's stature, awards etc, the petitions have stated:

    "With this petition and hoped for action, including a wise resignation by Archbishop Tutu, we wish to convey a clear message that no one is above the truth and no matter what that person’s record in other areas of endeavour, no matter what honours have been earned and bestowed upon that person, no matter what position that person may hold, no one is beyond scrutiny, criticism and sanction when they are wrong and as in this case, against the Jewish people and Israel."

    Where exactly do you come to a very polite and respectfully written petition calling Tutu a liar? You obviously have not read the petiton, have you? So much for your attemopt at ridicule and humour.

    Now lets see, Dearjon, whether you have the guts to publish and leave this response on your blog. If you are a true democrat and believe in fairness and the right to express your opinion, then you cannot deny others this right.