Thursday, January 13, 2011


Dear Tammy Guefen,
          So I was right Tammy (see email below) women do always put a damper on our brilliant ideas. I see you got your knickers in a twist about my Jews in a stew over ‘Black Nazi Pig’ letter (Nazi pig)
          You responded by issuing this challenge:
"Now let’s see, Dearjon (touching that), whether you have the guts to publish and leave on this response on you blog. If you are a true democrat and believe in fairness and the right to express an opinion, then you cannot deny others the right."
          What? I come from a long line of Chauvinist Pigs I couldn’t possibly allow you to contradict me on my own blog. It’s just not done you know, especially by a woman.
          Oops! Isn’t there a Gender Police Force in this country? The last thing I want is to be locked up for Christmas. South Africa’s supposed to be a free country but you can’t even be a Chauvinist Pig without getting into trouble. It’s just like Israel where my cousins the Black Nazi Pigs are hounded all over the place. And you are not even safe in a sty, especially on market day. But you would think us pigs wouldn’t have to worry about having their lives cut short in Israel, but the world being what it is today even there they have to watch their tails.
          Welcome to my blog Tammy. You’re in the Comments. I hope you remembered to wear your Wellingtons because it can get a bit mucky in there. Have Fun.
          Below is the email correspondence I had with Archbishop Tutu and his reply. If everybody had his sense of humour we would all stop fighting not only in the Middle East but in the rest of the world.
Subject: Jews in a stew over 'Black Nazi Pig' ...see my blog
Hi Arch
I hope your fantastic sense of humour will extend to the item on my blog (               ) with the above title. As I can’t get any of my books published and most of my letters to the papers I have just started a blog. The idea is to criticise or praise everything in sight and to promote the slogan You can’t be serious. I’m aiming for 10-million hits, hopefully not from the Police, in the first couple of months. My wife says she thinks this is a bit ambitious. But you know what wives are like they always put a damper on our brilliant ideas.
Have fun and best wishes for Xmas and the New Year to you and your family from my wife Gayle and I.
Dear Friend,
It's hilarious, barbed and very clever.  Thanks for your piece on the on-going saga of
being anti-Semitic when one points out wrong doings not of the Jewish people but of the Israeli Government.
Love and blessing to you and your Gayle,

Love and Kisses to you Tammy
(My apologies; can’t this be construed as sexual harassment?)    
Curly Wee, Jon

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