Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogged up in jail

Dear Blog Readers,
          I’m sorry that my updates have been down recently but I have been out of circulation. That’s the politically correct way of saying I was in jail.
          I was sent there for blogging in public. It’s worse than what Julian Assange has been doing behind bushes and all over the place.
          The Magistrate was very stern. He warned me that I could expect a much longer sentence if I continued to pick on the Press and point fingers at businesses that were not exactly providing top notch service.
          There’s a Press Council to keep newspapers in line, but nothing like that for blogs, so I will have to do it, he said in his judgment.
          Well he can blog off as far as I am concerned. If that WikiLeak chap is prepared to go to prison for his beliefs or his behaviour, I’m not sure which, then so am I.
          So you can expect my updates to keep on coming provided that Magistrate can’t read.
          Long live Free Blogs.
          Have fun and keep reading.

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