Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Dear Investors,
Kevin Pearman
         It’s nice to have an admirer. It’s not often that I get such praise. So I thought you might be interested in this very accurate assessment of my character.

         "I am amazed at the incongruity between your pompous self-righteous claim to show up the rouges that advertise scams in the papers contrasted with the fact that you feel justified in attempting to destroy the business that I have built up and one in which 450 people will be affected due to your feeble efforts  to make yourself  feel important? Anyhow, I have at least 98% of shareholders on my side and I have let them know that you are the one blocking our progress.
         What has caused you to become such a supercilious prick – a legend in his own lunchtime? Do you have a small penis? Were you not breast fed? Have you lived your life in the closet? Did the kids tease you at school, or all of the above?
         Look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘What have I actually achieved in this life?’
         I can look in the mirror and see a face that is honest, has never hurt anyone and who has achieved 3 awards as an inventor contributing to this life. I created the It Makes Cents (to sell Cell C sim cards) that took off like a rocket and your interference (merely asking Cell C if the scheme had its approval) which destroyed the aspirations of 140 people plus blocked my attempts at raising money for my other project (N-Tyre Solutions). If it were not for people like me, mankind would still be rubbing sticks together to make a fire and your mother would have smothered you at birth.
       Your claims at being a ‘watchdog’ are laughable – no wonder nobody reads your pathetic blog you miserable cretin." 13/9/2013
         This attack came from Kevin Pearman who claims to have perfected a truck tyre monitoring invention that he has been trying to get on the road for more than 12 years under the N-tyre Solutions name. To help him to do this he has been adverting in the Sunday Times and probably elsewhere for investors in both the N-Tyre business and other schemes he came up with to raise further money for his tyre project.
         I wrote two posts ("Cell C’s strange dealings with man of many promises" and "Big business turns on little man with ‘brilliant’ concept" big business) about his money making ventures. They were based on what he told me in emails.
         In fact the Cell C story was unsolicited. I knew nothing about it until he told me and gave me all the facts in emails that ran to many pages and included full details of his marketing agreement with Cell C as well as a photograph of himself to go with the story.
Cell C cancelled his contract after I asked the then CEO Alan Knott-Craig if this had the firm’s blessing – a question that might have been asked by anybody contemplating putting their money into a scheme in which Kevin claimed people could easily make an extra R800 000 per annum.
         At the time Kevin told me in an email that he believed it was me who stirred the pot with Cell C – no hard feelings if it was, because I am a positive thinker and believe that everything happens for the best.
         He followed this with another email saying that he had played completely open cards with me for some time and he had now found not one but two very interested and very big corporates to take N-Tyre under their umbrella.
         However what he needed from me was to remove the two posts I had written about him because his two potential benefactors would not go ahead unless the negativity of these articles was removed from the internet.
         But when I asked who the two were he refused to name them.
         I replied saying: Kevin I’m afraid your story doesn’t add up. If these companies have been put off by what is on my blog they must assume that what is there is true. If that is so they would hardly go into a deal with you if my posts were removed, because that would not suddenly correct what is wrong. How do I know they ever existed?
         At all times you knew I wanted information for my blog. What’s on my blog is based purely on things you told me. I didn’t make them up and as you are constantly asking members of the public to invest in your various schemes I believe it is important for them to know what the background is before they part with what possibly could be their life savings.
         You say you have not hurt anyone, but what happened to the investors in your hot pad (to relieved muscle pains) business and how long have the people who put money into N-tyre got to wait for a return?
Kevin's promise if you invested in the
Heat in a Click hotpad business he was promoting

         What concerns me Kevin is that N-tyre Solutions always seems to have something just around the corner that is going to make you and your shareholders the millions that you believe your invention is worth. But you never get round the corner.
         You go from one dud business (hot pads) to the next (Cell C marketing) trying to make the R2-million you say you still need to make N-tyre profitable. You have said things like, ‘There has never been a doubt about the vast income potential of the N-tyre system.’ Yet years go by and this never materialises. Doesn’t that cast a HUGE, BIG DOUBT on its potential?
         You were asking the public to invest in the hot pads and Cell C projects. No doubt you collected money from people and I wonder if they got their money back.
         I spoke to one of your N-tyre shareholders who invested R150 000 nine months ago and if that’s the kind of investment you received I can’t understand why your 450 investors have not provided more than enough money to get the thing off the ground. If they each invested just R50 000 that’s a hell of a lot of money.
         So what has happened to their money?

Another invitation to invest in N-tyre that appeared in the
Sunday Times in December 2010
         In your most recent N-tyre circular (Sent to me unsolicited in Jan 2013) you told us you sold your own assets and raised R233 700, which you put into the company. You also invested R81 000 made by your new company The World Loves a Winner. What was that doing? Wasn’t that the company involved in the Cell C marketing operation?
         You also promised 15% interest (Way above anything you can get from the banks) to existing shareholders prepared to put in more money. Where their interest is going to come from it is hard to imagine if you can’t even raise the money to get the N-tyre gold mine operational.
         At some stage of the Cell debacle you asked me if I would be taking your side and I replied that I would be reporting as objectively as possible and that’s still my point of view.
         Pearman answered saying he was not going to deal with all the points I raised as it will clearly make no difference save to say that some investors have only put in R1000.
         At about this time, by some strange coincidence I began getting mystery calls on my landline at around three in the morning.
         Then in early February this year I got an email from David Erlank. He claimed to be an N-tyre shareholder and he offered to give me the low down on the latest scam involving Kevin Cholwich. He was a crook I wrote about (See Noseweek exposes Dearjon Letter) who was also exposed on M-net’s Carte Blanche investigative TV programme.
         In exchange for this information Erlank wanted me to remove the two posts I had written about Pearman’s money making schemes.
         I ignored this email.
         Then two months later I had an email from Pearman. He has a very short memory because in spite of the broadside he had given me he was now asking me for another favour.
         He stated he had been informed by Erlank that he had contacted me about Cholwich and would I be so kind as to forward him this message? Erlank would have done so himself, unfortunately his computer was stolen.      
         Why would Pearman now want to get the exact email from me, when Erlank could surely remember the gist of what he sent me?
         As nobody reads my pathetic blog it’s pointless me asking: Any ideas readers?  Well it looks as though this question will have to remain as unanswered as the calls I have been getting in the middle of the night.
         On second thoughts I think I have the answered to those. When coincidences keep happening they tell their own story.
         The calls stopped for a while and then Pearman phoned me the other day and when I told him I was not interest in his proposals the calls started all over again.
         I will leave it to you to decide whether or not you should invest your money with Pearman and his N-Tyre Solutions or any of his other projects. He has never complained that there were any inaccuracies about the information I gave in the two posts I wrote.  
         Yours faithfully,
        Jon, the ‘laughable’ Consumer Watchdog who could well save a lot of people from putting their money on the wrong horse.
P.S. Francois Joubert at the Investors Club doesn't seem to think that N-tyre is worth investing in. He's the editor of the small-cap stock newsletter Red Hot Penny Shares & the Resource and Scarcity Report. Below this is a comment to him dated 20 Feb 2014


  1. Hi DJ,

    I'm one of the so called 'investors' (read as chumps).
    There is a Facebook page that has been started up to try and get the people who have given their money to Kevin Pearman together to try and see if we try to get this guy to give the money back or be held accountable somehow via the law.

  2. Anon 2 .

    Also an investor ( chump deluxe !!), We have been looking into Pearmans MO. He has managed a lifetime of “deniable” scams . He has charmed, threatened , intimidated or simply bribed his way, and then left free to continue the dishonesty. The scale of which is unbelievable : Established so far, is that he cloaked some assets behind his wife. These include property, cash , cars, antique aircraft (hangared at RSA Springs a/f) , foreign assets and accounts. There is a sizeable sum involved, est ~ R80,000,000 skim . That's Right !!! . We wonder how much of any of this has seen an formal audit. SARS would surely be interested !.