Sunday, March 16, 2014


Dear Readers,
It seems my son Simon Abbott who died prematurely aged 47 in the Channel Island of Jersey last year after being relentlessly cyber-bullied was not the only person to get the treatment from the island’s witch Maureen Morgan (See my posts JERSEY’S HEARTLESS PARAMEDIC Parts 1& 2 & TALKING ILL OF THE DEAD - THE JERSEY WAY).        
The wheel has now turned and not even her mumbo jumbo could save her. They say it’s not over until the Fat lady sings. Well the election is over and I can’t see her doing much singing. The electorate has completely rejected her efforts to get into the island’s Parliament.
         Her alleged Tarot card reading expertise was sadly lacking because if it had been any good she would not have even entered the race.
In a bye election she ran a vicious, social media smear campaign that was very similar to the way she attacked my son.
Here’s the story headed Ding, Dong the witch is Dead lifted from The Bald Truth, the blog of Trevor Pitman, a former member of the States Assembly, as the Parliament there is called.
I have shortened it slightly and included pictures and  Tweets which were not in his original. Also included in brackets are explanations to make things clear for those of you who are not familiar with the politics on the Island

Vicious cyber bully Maureen Morgan humiliated as St. Helier No 1 District voters refuse to buy into the con…

What the **** ever could have convinced a bitter and twisted, malicious, mean-spirited, potty mouthed pretend witch and claimed ‘professional’ Tarot card reader - one Maureen Morgan (‘Su-Mo’ to her victims on the internet) to kid herself she had even a cat in hell’s chance of conning enough of the fine people of St. Helier (that’s the capital of Jersey) No. 1 District to vote her into the States Assembly?

Yes it is certainly true that things in The Island Democracy Forgot are bad: really bad! Hell, with having lost Daniel Wimberley, Stuart Syvret, Bob Hill and now also both Shona (Pitman) and myself – that’s a full five of only eight politicians in recent times who were brave enough to stand up to the Establishment cover-up merchants and their corrupt judicial counterparts – things in truth have never ever been democratically bleaker (The five are all former members of the Parliament there and Shona is Trevor’s wife).

But desperate enough to make any sane and basically decent person risk a vote for Maureen Morgan …

A woman whose entire contribution to the Jersey community appears to revolve around the spreading of vicious and cowardly lies on the internet about anyone who dares disagree with her; let alone commit the cardinal sin of challenging or criticising her? As the truly pathetic and embarrassing total of just 51 voters psycho Su-Mo managed to garner in the by-election of March 5th 2014 spells out (no pretend witch pun intended!); and a fact all with even a rudimentary knowledge of politics, democracy, socio-economic and even plain and simple old common decency could have told her: the answer is a spectacular and resounding NO!

In fact the message for Maureen Morgan sent out by the electorate tonight could not be any less ambiguous: Go back to the broom cupboard. Stop taking your clear self-loathing, low self-esteem and twisted bitterness at your personal failures out on other people with this obsessive and cowardly internet bullying. Hell, act like an adult for once, take responsibility. Take a good hard look at yourself - and get some HELP!

The evidence of Maureen Morgan’s cyber abuse is shocking…

Indeed as just one of the many people Su-Mo has viciously and obsessively attacked (in all honesty her whole life seems to revolve around me as documented by numerous screenshots sent to me by people concerned I might have a deranged stalker) my ‘crime’ warranting this warped behaviour appears to have arisen simply from my daring to challenge her appalling cyber attacks on the name and character of the late Simon Abbott: a vulnerable individual barely cold in the ground (Maureen was one of eight people my son sued for libelling him on social media. He died before the cases could be finalised).


          Vicious cyber rants the style of which Morgan has continued to hurl at the late
Mr Abbott’s distraught and grieving father Jon!
Okay, so my other personal ‘crime’ in Su-Mo’s twisted mind also appears to be that I hold Leftist political principles and perhaps even worse in her warped imagination and seething jealousy – I have over a number of years put in the kind of hard graft on behalf of the people who twice elected me (and just as many who couldn’t or even probably wouldn’t) which a lazy motor-mouth bully like Morgan could only dream of.

Morgan ‘talks the walk’ but can’t ‘walk the talk’…

Indeed, should anyone have any doubts on this last fact then just consider this little gem; Maureen Morgan bragged at the political hustings, on radio and on the net that she was the person who as Deputy (this is what they call a member of Parliament in Jersey) would ‘just roll up her sleeves’ and ‘do the work’ that needed doing. How strange then that this very same person was simply too bone idle (or too staggeringly arrogant?) to even knock on all the electorate’s front doors in the course of her election ‘campaign’? A ‘bad back’, Su-Mo - how very convenient.

In one of those bizarre twists of fate as chance would have it I came to be tipped off by the drunken blabberings of one of the tiny coterie of loons Morgan appears to feed on via a particular internet ‘political forum’ that Su-Mo was convinced she could get a great deal of publicity by deliberately goading me into exchanges throughout the weeks of the election campaign. ‘Jonnie’ or was it ‘Sue’ or ‘Julie’ being a bampot of equally staggering size let slip that not only would I apparently be ‘fuming’ at Morgan’s standing I also ‘just wouldn’t be able to resist firing back’ at Su-Mo’s on line abuse.

The fact was however her running for election actually had me in fits of laughter and further resolved me – thanks to the troll’s loose tongue - that I wouldn’t make a single comment or criticism until after the polling station had closed on March 5th. And despite the desperate and rabid abuse I have stuck to this.

But now of course the gloves can come off …

The fact is deprived of the publicity I would have guaranteed her Maureen Morgan’s election ‘campaign’ has consequently been all but non-existent: simply revolving around pumping out ever more vicious and childish abuse at those who she clearly knew were putting in the work and thus were more likely to have a chance of getting elected. People who also just happened coincidentally to be (you guessed it!) other community-driven leftists like Sam Mezec and Nick Le Cornu (they were both elected).

Candidates endorsed!

Even the well-intended Gino Risoli (another local politician) was abused and ridiculed mercilessly by Su-Mo’s tiny gang of supporters for simply having contrary perspectives. Whilst incredibly the bullying Su-Mo would even mock her victims’ appearance. People were 'Bald Tits.' People were 'wankers'. (Rico Sorda – an investigative blogger - in this case I believe). All pretty rich indeed coming from a woman who if one was to adopt her own standards would surely face the barb that she herself appears to have fallen from the very top of the ugly tree and bounced on every single branch on the way down?

Su-Mo would also happily mock her chosen victim’s demeanour – hey, I am apparently ‘camp’ amongst other things (no problem with that Su-Mo: if it was good enough for a pair of geniuses like Lou Reed and David Bowie then its quite good enough for me!) No insult it appeared was too low for this truly horrible, embittered individual. Indeed, at a special Church hustings Morgan even appalled people present with her ignorant, mocking views on inequality and ‘one armed black lesbians’!

Yet if all of this wasn’t enough then Maureen Morgan would also simply just make up lies…

For example I apparently had called her a ‘bitch’ a number of times on the internet. Yet oddly, when I took the trouble to write to her politely requesting she point out exactly ‘where and when’ Morgan obviously could not. As she knew full well it simply hadn’t happened. Indeed, faced with her lies being confronted head on Morgan never even bothered to reply.


Yet perhaps most troubling in looking back on all of Maureen Morgan’s horrible cyber bullying and abuse of people is what she actually told people on the internet – and within her ‘manifesto’ that she wanted to do had enough people in St. Helier No. 1 have been sufficiently gullible to vote her into the States.

Incredibly Maureen Morgan stated that she wanted to work within mental health …

Mental health! I ask readers: given all of the behaviour I have highlighted; all of the horrible abuse and attempts at cyber bullying could there really be a better example of what a lucky escape not just the people of No. 1 District but the Island generally have just had? Is this woman really that deluded? Quite possibly so given that in one of her rants at me Su-Mo had actually claimed that she was both a ‘counsellor’ and a ‘healer’! Indeed, just what poor Mr Jon Abbott will make reading such claims I really can’t imagine.


Yet for all of Maureen Morgan’s horrible abuse and the cowardly lies she has spread about me and my wife the fact is that ultimately I just feel sorry for this sad and pathetic individual. After all – when even the Establishment won’t take a risk on a rabid anti-Leftie candidate you really should know you are seen as one of life’s losers! Indeed, it is fair to say it would be quite difficult to sink any lower.

         Thanks Trevor for summing up the witch’s appalling behaviour far better than I could have done. And let’s hope this is the end of her callous, social media assaults on innocent people.   

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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Dear Vultures,

         I’m not referring to those majestic birds with a huge wingspan that spend their lives cleaning up the veldt when elephant and other animals meet their maker.

         I’m addressing the entire human race.

         We have made tremendous strides in technology and other fields but we are nowhere near eradicating the vulture in all of us. And to make matters worse the human vulture is not driven by hunger to enable it to live, but by a ghoulish desire just to be at every kill possible.
         Nothing interests us more than one of our own being killed, mutilated or obliterated. A roadside accident will draw a huge crowd in a flash. It’s the flow of red that sustains us.
         We revel in the bad, the gory and the macabre. The news media wouldn’t last a day with TV channels or papers that only gave us good stories and left out the bloody details that we all crave.
         Now, much like the flying vulture that can see for miles, social media has ensured the human type can be on the kill quicker than ever before.


         It, together with the other forms of media, enables us to get the feeling that we are actually on the body in amongst the horrific entrails, no matter where we happen to be throughout the world.

         God it’s thrilling, the whole experience makes me tremble with excitement.

         Better still we are now able to summon other vultures at the press of a button or the touch of a screen. There’s nothing like the feeling or the publicity you get from being first on the kill.
         Best of all are the ones involving high profile personalities like Oscar Pistorius.

         That’s when our blood lust shoots off the scale. Just like the vultures in the wild we fly in from all over the place. And for those of us who can’t physically get there the media will ensure that we can feast on even the tiniest scrap of bloody meat.
JONATHAN JANSEN Rector of the University of the Free State
who described the Pistorius trial as an unholy obsession
about a man without legs

         You can’t do better than the way Sky News has been titillating our appetite for the trial with this juicy morsel. And what’s more it’s their exclusive.
         It’s footage of Oscar at a shooting range some time ago using the very same pistol he used to kill his girl friend, model Reeva Steenkamp. And this will be repeated ad nauseum for days just in case anybody around the world missed it the first time.
         I can’t wait to watch the shot by shot account of his trial. It doesn’t concern me in the least that the parents, other relatives and friends of Reeva’s will be reliving the agony of the day they heard that she had died, alone in a toilet.

         All I’m interest in is satisfying my insatiable lust for all the circumstances surrounding a grisly, gruesome death, even down to the minute details like Oscar’s favourite food at the age of five.
         In the Pistorius case only one person has died, but we still smell the blood of two. We are jostling and Tweeting away at this feast that will only sustain us momentarily, until the next one comes along.
         Then we’ll be off to pick the bones clean from the carcass of some other human vulture, because unlike the ones in the wild we are cannibals on a grand scale.

         The most disturbing aspect of all is that we are tremendous hypocrites who still consider ourselves civilized.
         Yours depressingly,
         Jon, a spokesman for all wild vultures that are so outraged at the way the human ones are dragging their name into the gutter.

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