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Dear Readers,    
Paramedics are the people who are usually the first on the scene of an accident. We rely on them to give us the best emergency treatment that can often mean the difference between life and death.
So you need some quite exceptional qualities to become one.
I’ll be mentioning them as I recount the story of one of them that will make you wonder how some people can perhaps start off on the right track and then go terribly wrong. (Note: This report is in two parts and concludes in my post Jersey’s Heartless Paramedic Part 2.) 

*A paramedic must have a caring and empathic nature.  

David Moody had been a paramedic in the Channel Island of Jersey since 1989 when my son Simon Abbott died there. At that stage David had the very responsible job of being an Operational Paramedic in charge of several others as well as support staff.

Towards the end of 2012 Simon sued eight people on the Island for libelling him on social media (See my posts DID CYBER BULLIES KILL SIMON ABBOTT; CYBER WOLVES HUNTING SIMON ABBOTT etc).

The bullying went on for some two years. And although the inquest Coroner Assistant, Viscount Advocate Mark Harris chose not to comment on this aspect, a lot of evidence indicated that Simon’s heart attack could well have been brought on by the relentless character assassination that he endured right up until the day he died aged just 47.

He was accused of being a con man and other dubious activities when there was absolutely no evidence to support the allegations. All he was trying to do was to raise money for a charity he started to help women with post natal depression.

         He did this in memory of his sister Samantha, his only sibling, who died tragically in 2009 a few months after the birth of her first and only child. She too had been suffering from this affliction.

Even Ian le Sueur one of the main bullies showed how inane their campaign was when he admitted in an email that there is nothing to suggest to us, that other than circumstantial evidence he has, or is out to cause harm to anyone he befriends.

MORGAN'S self portrait
One of the people Simon sued was Maureen Morgan a tarot card reader and self styled witch who certainly lived up to this label. Among the others was Murray Norton a Radio Jersey presenter and his photographer friend Le Sueur. 

*A paramedic should strive to behave at all times in a manner that brings admiration, acknowledgement and respect to the profession. 

Undeterred by my son’s court action Morgan continued to attack him on social media in an effort to justify her slanderous behaviour. Even after he died she was still at it.

And Moody, who was evidently a friend of the witch, could not resist coming under her spell. 

*A paramedic must maintain a high standard of personal conduct. 


On her Facebook page Morgan was busy telling the world about Simon Abbott and his Attempts to Sue me for Libel when Moody climbed on her broomstick with this revolting contribution on 26 May 2013.

I am not strictly allowed to say that Abbot (sic) is a con man but I am allowed to say that based on anecdotal evidence … and on the balance of probability…it does appear that Abbot (sic) May indeed be, inter alia a Tosser. 

The Witch added Nicely put to her toxic Facebook brew.

Tosser is vulgar slang for someone who masturbates or to be charitable to this compassionated paramedic and give him the benefit of the doubt it could also mean a stupid or unpleasant person. 

*A paramedic must behave with honesty and make sure that their behaviour does not damage the public’s confidence in them or their profession. 

My son died on 17 June 2013 after collapsing at a café in St Helier, the Island’s capital.
The WITCH at her hypercritical best

That was the trigger for another even sicker comment from Moody on Morgan’s Facebook four days later.

No longer a problem!! he told everyone. And having stuck his knife in up to the hilt he gave it this sadistic twist: RIP (Rest in peace).

I don’t know what the Witch had to say about this but I’m sure she would have loved it.

         Ironically Morgan is a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles which aims to promote Tarot as a force for good and development in a person’s life. And its Code of Ethics expects Readers to be open-minded, honest and non-judgemental.

         The Witch is currently trying to cast her spell on the electorate in Jersey in the hope of becoming a member of the Island’s parliament. Informed opinion is that she hasn’t a hope in hell.  

*A paramedic must ensure that his patient’s dignity and confidentiality are maintained. 

On 13 October 2013 Britain’s The Mail on Sunday, which has a readership of 2-million, carried a story headed ‘BBC man’s Twitter bullying campaign helped kill my son.’ Devastated father claims offensive comments contributed to son’s heart attack at 47.

 The following day Moody was at it again, four months after my son had died. This time on Murray Norton’s Facebook page.

I had dealings with the “complainant” with you all the way! was his contribution, which I believe could only have meant that he had treated Simon at some stage. 

Ian le Sueur likes this the photographer added callously. 

Flash IAN
The inquest was held on 9 December 2013 and the report of what happened gave me another stomach churning mystery to unravel.

Had Moody’s deplorable Tosser remark on Morgan’s Facebook page been the reason for Simon’s strange behaviour at the Welcome Centre Café at St Thomas’ Church after he complained of difficulty breathing?  
According to the Police an ambulance crew arrived at 12.15 after a 999 called had been made. Simon got into it and an ECG revealed that he had an insufficient blood supply to his heart.

Abbott then began to act aggressively towards the paramedics, the report went on. He was flailing his arms, accusing them of harassing him and attempting to leave the ambulance. They tried to calm him down without success.
He got out of the ambulance and went to lie down between two parked cars. The ambulance crew called the Police for assistance. Abbott would not communicate with the police officer who tried to help him, but would talk to two women who were there.
He began flailing his arms and said again the paramedics had been harassing him and to tell them to go away.
My son then had a seizure. Attempts were made to resuscitate him, but he was pronounced dead at the General Hospital at 13.47.


         The story continues in my post JERSEY’S HEARTLESS PARAMEDIC Part 2.



Dear Readers,

Here is the final episode in the Moody saga that illustrates what a peculiar Island of secrets and fear Jersey is.
In an effort to establish if David  Moody had been one of the paramedics who attended to my son Simon at the café I contacted Mike Judge, Operations Manager, States of Jersey Ambulance Service, via the Coroner’s office.

He replied: I am not allowed to give my staff names out due to data protection. He was referring to the notorious Data Protection Law that has been used by Jersey’s elite to cover a multitude of sins, even to the extent of sending a former Minister of Health Stuart Syvret to jail for using his blog to highlight corruption that embarrassed the authorities.

Was Judge trying to protect Moody I wondered?

How different it was for Simon when he asked the London Ambulance Service (part of Britain’s National Health Service) for details, including the medical records, of what happened when his sister committed suicide in 2009.
In the letter he received from John O’Keefe, the Patient Experiences Officer he was told to please sign the attached form and return it in the stamped addressed envelope provided. I will then provide you with a copy of the records.

When I pointed this out to Emma Martins, Jersey’s Data Protection Commissioner, she told me: Jersey doesn’t have a Freedom of Information Law, unlike the UK. This may explain the different approach.
She can say that again. Jersey makes the Freemasons seem like an open book.
Jersey is in the peculiar position of being a British Crown dependency just off the coast of France and is a self governing democracy. It is not part of the United Kingdom although the UK is responsible for defending it.

I asked Martins if the Data Protection Law prevented Judge from disclosing the names to me. She replied saying there was no easy answer as a balance needed to be sought between the public interest in disclosing the names and the privacy rights of the individuals.

Was I asking for a state secret to be revealed I wondered?

She asked for full details of why I wanted the names and I told her about what Moody had been up to. She undertook to pass this on to the Data Protection Officer for Health.

Do they have a Data Protection Officer for every Government department in Jersey I wondered?

She added that if the Facebook entries I had sent her did relate to an employee of Health she believed it is a conduct issue they should look into.
Meanwhile I had contacted the Minister of Health Anne Pryke who very sensibly ignored this Data Protection nonsense as a reason for not disclosing the names of the paramedics.
ANNE PRYKE the voice of reason
She got Peter Gavey the Chief Ambulance Officer to give them to me.  There were three of them and he also gave me their email addresses. Moody was not one of them.

In an email I asked all of them why my son claimed that paramedics were harassing him shortly before he died.

Operations Manager Jason Hamon replied immediately saying he only arrived on the scene after Simon was unconscious. But I heard nothing from Gordon Hunt and Julie Rolland, so I asked Gavey if they were perhaps on leave.
Initially he said their work meant they spent a lot of time where there were no email facilities. Then he told me he had advised his staff not to give me individual replies as he wanted to respond to me personally to ensure that I got information that is clear, accurate and unambiguous.
He eventually explained that my son’s behaviour was probably because of his critic illness as nothing reported by the crew treating your son led them to believe he was fearful of them, rather he just wanted to be left alone.

This conflicted with the police report that stated that Simon was telling the paramedics to go away because he believed they were harassing him.

Gavey added that he was not aware that any of his staff knew about Moody’s Facebook postings and there was no record of Moody ever having had any professional contact with my son.

   But two days before he died Simon asked a friend if he knew who David Moody was and he was told that he was a paramedic. So that could be the explanation for Simon's reaction at the café because Moody had poisoned him against all paramedics.
Moody evidently ceased being a member of the Jersey Health Department at the end of last year. But if he retired or he was pushed the paramedic service is well rid of him.

He was recently appointed for a five year stint as a member of Jersey’s social Security Tribunal. This hears appeals regarding the awarding of Social Security and other benefits.

But with his kind of morality should he be doing this job I wondered.

I sent an email to the Minister of Social Security Francis le Gresley telling him about how Moody had maligned my son on Facebook. Richard Jones, the Risk & Quality Manger replied saying my email would be sent to the relevant area for consideration, whatever that means.

Emma Martins famously once said: We are all accountable for what we write and say in the online environment.

Not all in Jersey lady, only the ones taken to task by your Data Protection Law. And this certainly did not apply to Moody and the many bullies who attacked my son on social media for all to see.

People in Jersey are so fearful of being identified that at a guess 80% of comments that appear on the Island’s numerous blogs are from its most prolific family Anonymous.
Many of them also have a phobia about having their emails intercepted. Three of the people I dealt with in my efforts to unravel what happened to my son wanted to avoid emails by speaking to me on the phone or even contacting me by post.

Has Jersey changed much since the Germans occupied it in the last World War I wondered? 

Well the Jerries have gone but the Nazi type control of the populous lives on.
It is said to be the richest offshore tax haven in the world. Its entire economy is founded on dubious morality.
Geoffrey Powell, Jersey’s former economic adviser, described a tax haven as the existence of a tax structure established to deliberately take advantage of, and exploit a worldwide demand for opportunities to engage in tax avoidance.
It is estimated that a trillion Euros a year are lost to European countries because of tax havens like Jersey.

So if I had to battle to get the names of the paramedics who attended my son you can imagine how closely they guard the names of the world’s billionaire scrooges who stash their fortunes on the Island to dodge paying taxes in their home countries.

Hopefully Moody is the exception to the rule and that paramedics are still a most admirable section of society who we can’t do without.

P.S. I couldn’t resist lifting a couple of items from Jersey Toons which appears on Photopol.com  It’s a most amusing skit on the latest developments in Stuart Syvret’s battle with the Jersey authorities over posts on his blog. They got this former Minister of Health jailed under the Data Protection Law, but after being released he still wouldn’t removed them. Evidently they constituted a danger to the reputation of people in high places.
Now Google, the blog’s host, has been asked to do the Jersey Government’s dirty work. So if you look for it you are greeted with This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations & is open to authors only.

I am sure Google wouldn’t dream of suppressing Stuart’s freedom of speech if he was in the US of A.

So it’s not surprising that a lot of people have every reason to believe that Adolf Hitler is still ruling the Island of Jersey from the grave. 

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