Thursday, June 8, 2023


 Dear Readers,

David Moody a paramedic in the Channel Island of Jersey who joined the pack of cyber-bullies led by BBC radio presenter Murray Norton that resulted in the death of my son Simon in 2013 has now been charged with rape.

            Moody (59) faces 20 charges involving a woman referred to only as “Miss X’ in court. He retired from the Ambulance Service on the island after more than 20 years service.

            He evidently held her captive and was said to have raped the woman twice and sodomise her as well. The charges include 12 counts of sexual penetration without consent.

            In the Magistrate’s Court the Assistant Magistrate Peter Harris said that the offences were too serious to be considered by his court and he ordered Moody to appear in the higher Royal Court in June this year (2023). He was released initially on conditional bail which shows that in Jersey even a shocking rape like this is not taken very seriously.

            No wonder nobody was held to be responsible for Simon’s death after he was relentlessly cyber-bullied over a period of two years.



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