Tuesday, May 2, 2023


 Dear Readers,

How many people realise that braces have a far more interesting and sexy use than for just holding up your trousers or shorts?

         I am sure that those of you who have ever worn braces will have found, unless you had a wife or girlfriend to help you that it is not easy to ensure that they are flat and the right way round behind your back. I started wearing them recently because I was sick of having my shorts fall down when the cord that was supposed to hold them up kept coming lose.

         As I no longer had anyone at home to make sure my braces were as they should be I inevitable went out with one or other of them twisted at the back. That was when I realised how strong the natural urge women have to make sure men are smartly turned out.  

         In a shopping mall a lady tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned round she asked if I minded if she straightened out my braces at the back and before I could reply she had gently done it. There is nothing like the feeling that of all the people in a huge mall you are the one she has noticed.

         I never realised until this happened that a pair of simple braces could be such a turn-on. Now I don’t go out without making absolutely sure that one or other of them or both are twisted at the back, even if it means asking a complete stranger to check this.

         Braces or suspenders as they were sometimes called went out of fashion in the 20th century when belts took over.  In any case they were usually worn under suits or jackets which would have completely nullified the kind of experience I had otherwise they could well be still very much in vogue.


         Jon a Consumer Watchdog who knows a good buy when he sees one.


P.S. I’m not trying to revise the fashion and nor am I prepared to say where I bought my braces. I COULD NOT STAND THE COMPETITION.


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