Sunday, February 5, 2023


 Dear Dog Lovers,

          In October 2020 a post appeared on this blog of mine headed: A dangerous Pitbull on a 150 home housing estate has an owner who is as unpredictable as his dog.

          It revealed that after Glocky, an eight year old pitbull, had badly mauled a much smaller dog on a Cape Town housing estate his owner Jaric Tolken did his best to convince everyone that his dog was not dangerous.

          Before posting this I emailed Jaric and told him that I wanted to get both sides of the story. He thanked me for this and assured me he was not worried about Glocky as he did not consider his black dog with a white patch on its chest dangerous. To prove his point he attached a whole lot of picture of pitbulls that looked very similar lying next to small children or being cuddled by them

          When I asked him for the names and ages of the children I got no reply so I Googled pitbulls and surprise, surprise I found pictures of some of the ones he had sent me, obviously with an entirely different dog.

         And when I emailed him saying: “Jaric am I correct in assuming that your dog is in none of these pictures of pitbulls?” He exploded with: “Fuck off and have a nice day. Kind Regards, Jaric.”

          A few weeks ago I was walking on our estate near Kommetjie with our little dog when I passed what turned out to be Jaric and Glocky. My only previous connection to him had been via email so I just assumed who he was because there is no other dog that looks like Glocky on our estate.

The conversation then went like this:

Jaric: “Is your name Jon?”

Me: “Yes”.

Jaric: “Jon Abbott?”

Me: “Yes.”

Jaric: “Well you are the person who wrote lousy things about my dog on your blog.”

Me: “Lousy people make lousy dogs.”

When I got home I found he had sent me a long email that began: “Jon Abbott this blog is biased and you have lied about numerous things. My dog Glocky is a wonderful animal, who shows us much love and compassion, something you have yet to learn. He was never a fighting dog nor came from a farm. He hasn’t ‘killed a number of cats’ either as you so boldly stated. I am also not so unpredictable and was joking with you for being so pathetic. You obviously didn’t want to know my side of the story as I wrote you a long heartfelt message with numerous valid points which you left out, one of which is that he is well known in our community and enjoys a walk usually twice a day around the neighbourhood for over 8 years! It’s obvious that you were just fishing for info to use against me.

“Glocky has had a few incidents however most cats kill on a daily basis and most cats are far more destructive to the environment than dogs especially in an area with endangered dwarf chameleons. Glocky has since happily invited a stray cat into our home, with two bunnies and another baby. He is amazing with my children and hasn’t had anymore incidents two years later.

Glocky look alike baby sitting. Picture taken
 off the internet

“I’ve been attacked by numerous other breeds of dogs which have a far more aggressive nature.

 “You tried so hard to bad mouth myself and its quite pathetic just like your blog which hardly gets any views despite the fact that you have clearly been working very hard on it for a number of years.

           “You are nothing more than a keyboard warrior who sits behind the lines criticizing others while hiding in your little bubble. Stop being so useless and judging others and take a hard look at yourself!

           “One would have thought that after being on this planet for as long as you have, you would of learnt that being nasty doesn’t get you very far!
Yours sincerely


P.S. Glocky’s owner considers him to be such a harmless dog that I heard on the grapevine that Jaric had his canine teeth removed. But surely he can still do a lot of damage with his remaining teeth because he is a powerful animal.




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  1. Glocky was bred for fighting and was rescued from a "breeder" in jhb