Saturday, January 1, 2022


 Dear Readers,

         Is what DStv has been doing acceptable or in very bad taste?

         In its enthusiasm to honour Tutu it has put an RIP message on the top right hand side of the picture on a few of its channels. But the BIG QUESTION IS: Was it acceptable to have the name of this revered Bishop associated with True Crime murderers of women and children, serial killers and just about every other kind of horror story imaginable?

         On its 171 Discovery ID channel we are being shown blood curdling stories with titles like American Monster and The Lake Erie Murders. If these are not enough to scare the hell out of you there is Death North about a couple suspected of cutting up a guy and cooking him for lunch. For a bit of light relief In Pursuit with John Walsh tells us about how a doctor specialised in sexually molesting his female patients.

         All these have this message for the Arch on them: RIP Desmond Tutu 1931-2021.

From "Evil Lives here"
         I flicked through the various other channels at random and very few had this Tutu message on them.  Every business thrives on attracting attention, but is this the best way of doing it at a time of the world mourning for our one and only Arch? I don’t think so.

         When Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 I can’t believed that he would have been able to maintain his renowned sense of humour if DStv had chosen to keep repeating this in amongst the terror and debauchery that are on the channel where his RIP keeps popping up now.

         “You may have a point but we took a decision to pay tribute to him across our channels irrespective of what is being broadcast,” Calvo Mawela the CEO of MultiChoice, the owners of DStv told me. “I think he deserves to be remembered across the platform and it will be a reminder of good over evil.”

         Tragically no amount of prayers or anything else it seems are able to curb South Africa’s own TRUE CRIME which is spiraling out of control.

         Having done so much to oppose the White Apartheid Government Tutu must have been terribly disappointed with its replacement. It’s Black alright but so corrupt that every semblance of a modern society is collapsing around it to the detriment of most of us while the fats cats with their hands in the National till go unpunished.

Cyril hasn't always been blind
folded but he might as well
 have been

         In his ivory tower our President Cyril Ramaphosa keeps mum, just as he did when he sat beside the corrupt Jacob Zuma when he was the President who sold the country to the Gupta brothers. Cyril was his deputy from 2014 to 2018.

         Resting in Peace does have its advantages particularly in South Africa right now. Go well Arch.

         Regards Jon

         P.S. Here's what Tutu had to say when I asked him to comment on my 2011 post about him being called a "Black Nazi Pig" when he visited Israel to investigate its human rights abuses against the Palestinians. "It's hilarious, barbed and very clever. Thanks for your piece on the on-going saga of being anti-Semitic when one points out wrongs of not Jewish people, but of the Israeli Government. Ah well. Love and blessings to you and your Gayle. Arch"




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