Friday, February 4, 2011

Ubuntu Trashed over Speeding Fine

Dear Shameless Municipality,
          Ubuntu, in case you don’t know, means respecting people, being helpful and generous. So as it is such a special African word I’d hoped that it would not be devalued, particularly by any sections of government. I would expect these organs of state to treat it with even more reverence than the average South African wouldn’t you? So Parliament should have ensured that it could not be used by any piss willie municipality like you that covers the towns of Loxton, Richmond and Victoria West in the heart of the Karoo.
          I appreciate that small places are often more friendly and efficient that the larger towns and that the people in these dorps were probably hoping for the best when they came under the umbrella of you, the Ubuntu Municipality. Well I don’t know how the inhabitants of the area find your brand of Ubuntu but what I experienced was shameful to say the least.
          Everybody, who drives along the N1 between Johannesburg and Cape Town, has to pass Richmond that has made a bit of a name for itself with its book festival. The road skirts the edge of this one sheep town and it is here that you have taken the opportunity to have your own book orgy with your permanent speed trap. It’s certainly a gold mine, because it’s where you would least expect it as it is not in a built up area.
          It’s not that lack of Ubuntu that I’m complaining about. You commit yourself to be developmental and economically viable to ensure a better life for all but you certainly didn’t live up to this brag. You should have your name confiscated and given to a deserving cause because you don’t seem to realise that you have been trashing Ubuntu at the tax-payers expense. I can think of several more appropriate names for you if you would like to take me on as a consultant at my usually hourly rate which can’t be mentioned here in case the taxman hears about. After all I’ve got to recoup my fine some how.      
          Yours Speedily,
P.S. The local paper, the Graaff-Reniet Advertiser, exposed you for what you are in the following story. And just when I thought you had stopped your nonsense another final demand appeared on my computer. Added to that your Municipal Manager, Matin Fillis had the distinction of being one of my first Bad Service Award winners.


  1. Shame on you Richmond. Beaufort West did the same AFTER South Africa helped them in their hour of need during their drought two years ago. They paid the price for it. If "Ubuntu" means "a humanist philosophy focusing on people's allegiances and relations with each other", what happened to yours?

  2. Just wondering whether these cases have been resolved? What are they doing at this municipality and can this shameless act be reported?