Sunday, November 28, 2021


 Dear Readers,

Joe Phaahla South Africa's
Minister of Health

The Covid world panic has been a paradise for the ‘‘it might happen;’’, “it could make current vaccines ineffective;” “it’s better to be safe than sorry;” scientific scare mongers who have been making a name for themselves by destroying economies and putting millions of people out of work.

None of them have had any regard for the fact that the lock down cure hasn’t worked anywhere as they appear on TVs around the world egging on the panic with more and more stories of new and more deadly waves that “might do this” and “might do that”. This is the new science.

Meanwhile they conveniently ignore the cases and death stats that show that out of a world population of 8-B there have been a mere 261-M Covid cases with just 5-M deaths. That’s in a world where less than half the population has been vaccinated. What are these as a percentage of the number of people? I’m afraid I’m not scientific enough to be able to guess the answer to that.  

But in reality it’s like having a single fly in the sky that the scientists tell us is spreading a deadly disease in the atmosphere and that unless we all take cover we will die.

Britain has just helpfully branded South Africa and other countries in the region the polecats of the universe just in time to completely wreck the Xmas tourist season for our hotel groups and other tourist dependent organisations. Many of them were already on their knees thanks to all this “scientific information” about Covid.

As a “precautionary measure” Britain has overnight banned travel to and from South Africa and other countries in the region because of a new Covid variant that South Africa has been blamed for being the first country to have, even though cases have been popping up in Europe more or less at the same time. And “theoretically it can’t be prevented by any known vaccine.” Other countries around the world are falling over themselves to get in line with the British move. 

Joe Phaahla South Africa’s Minister of Health described the bans as “knee-jerk reactions” which didn’t make any scientific sense.

The bad joke is that the unvaccinated are being told to vaccinate while at the same time the scientists are saying that the current vaccines are unlikely to protect them against the new variant. How can they possibly conclude this when the new variant was only discovered very recently?

Is Covid science a series of guesses based on the scientific discovery that if you make enough of them one is bound to be right? The trouble is that governments around the world have now been so conditioned by the Covid panic that they react to the latest guess in the only way they know how with various versions of lock down.

Has anybody yet heard any of these top scientists telling us on TV about how many people are currently dying from aids, TB and numerous other diseases?  Tuberculosis has been described as a global pandemic that kills more people than malaria and Aids combined, but has there ever been a lock down anywhere because of this?

For those of you who still have a job "guess" what’s going to happen next. You’ll have to ask one of those Covid scientists who are never likely to lose their jobs as long as they can go on scaring the hell out of all of us.


Jon, a Consumer Watchdog who has had both Pfizer jabs after I heard scientists “guess” that I would be protected. Then I saw on Google Pfizer is just as unreliable as any of these “scientific guesses” because it is run by crooks. This multinational US pharmaceutical company has a shocking record of dishonesty on a massive scale. This is how Pfizer’s shameful record since 2002 has been described: “Pfizer has been a ‘habitual offender’, persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians (to prescribe their drugs) and suppressing adverse trial results. The company and is subsidiaries have been assesses $3 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards.” Have you ever heard any of these “reliable” scientists that appear on TV tell us that we should keep clear of the Pfizer vaccine because the company has a terrible record of dishonesty. Of course you haven’t with the result that the Pfizer vaccine has been used to immunise huge numbers of people around the globe against Covid. A lot of members of Congress in the USA are said to own Pfizer shares, which tells its own story.

P.S. My wife and I have belatedly got a very old Covid variant. We are sick to almost death of hearing about Covid in every day and night TV news bulletin and reading about it in the media.



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