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This is Part 2 of an extensive investigation that will hopefully help to one day make cyber-bullying a criminal offence in every civilised country in the world.


There’s lots more to come so keep looking at my Blog

         Cyber wolves do what wolves do everywhere; they hunt in packs. And the one in the Channel Island of Jersey (See my posts Did cyber-bullies kill Simon Abbott? & Where have all the children gone?) led by BBC Radio Jersey presenter Murray Norton was no exception.
The joke's on NORTON now
         So when Norton the alpha male and his second in command photographer Ian Le Sueur decided to up their cyber-bullying campaign against my son Simon Abbott they got together to ambush him at a church in St Helier, Jersey’s capital.
LE SUEUR, cyber-bullying is not a pretty picture

         And Le Sueur stated in an email that Murray Norton asked me to go along with the camera.

BREAKING: 30/10/2013 Norton announced on his 9-12 radio slot that this would be his last day for the foreseeable future.

         In documents that were lodged in Jersey’s Royal Court Simon described what happened. Murray Norton said he heard from people that I was dishonest, which I am not, so I said I would meet him at St Thomas Church, a private place, and not to tell anyone where we were meeting and that I would bring along Trust documents.
         These were from the Samantha Abbott Trust which Simon had set up in memory of his dead sister to raise money for women suffering from postal natal depression. Norton and his cronies had been doing their best to destroy the Trust by posting numerous social media comments claiming that Simon was only collecting money for himself and was giving nothing to charity - allegations which were totally unfounded.    

         I took along evidence of the authenticity of the clothes donated to the Trust including Leona Lewis’ dress, Simon continued.

         Miraculously he had got a host of top celebrities to donate items of clothing which he had planned to auction at his Jersey Fashion Show. But this never took place because of all the adverse comments on Facebook and Twitter.
SIMON on TV to promote his Trust
         Norton agreed not to mention where we were meeting at 10.00 am on Thursday, Simon went on. At 9.45 that morning I received a phone call from Jeremy Philips at the Police warning me that Norton had posted on Facebook where we were going to meet and the time, and that there could be a ‘lynch mob’ waiting for me.
         I rang Norton and asked what the hell he was doing posting this on Facebook. He said he had made a stupid mistake and later removed this. But it was too late as everyone on Facebook knew where we were meeting and the time.  
         I asked Murray who was at the church and he said ‘No one’. I then made my way to the side entrance. There was a group of about eight people on one street corner, another group of about five on the other side of the street and some people outside the church including a Policeman in uniform and I believe other plain clothed Police.
         He saw Norton in the car park just as he was phoning him to find out where he was. The two of them then went into the church and sat as far as possible from the entrance in the empty building.
         Norton asked Simon a number of questions some of which he said yes to and others where people had posted libellous comments he said no to.
         As they were leaving the church there was a flash of light from a group of people across the road. Simon darted back inside the building and asked Norton who the people were who had taken a picture of him. Norton at first said he didn’t know and then, when Simon asked him again he said it was Le Sueur.
         You just said you didn’t know who it was and now you say it’s Le Sueur, Simon told him. Norton replied that he had brought Le Sueur with him to prove they had met otherwise nobody would believe him.
         I told Norton not to put my picture anywhere, especially on the internet, Simon wrote. I later found out Le Sueur was inside the church taking pictures of me which he has now put on the internet causing me stress and anxiety.
SIMON in the church
         After the meeting Simon claimed Norton continued with comments on his personal profile wall saying no one would ever trust me and that I should hand over to him all the donations from the celebrities, raffle and auction prizes too, and he would auction them off on BBC radio and give the money to 10 of his chosen charities, worthwhile charities unlike the Samantha Abbott Trust
         Simon added, I didn’t give in to his demands and still have ALL the donations.
         As there was no evidence to support the libellous claims even Le Sueur concede in an email about Simon that there is nothing there (on social media) to suggest to us, that other than circumstantial evidence, he has, or is out to cause harm to anyone he befriends. The email was one he sent to somebody called Kelly as part of their efforts to prevent unsuspecting people falling foul of Simon Abbott.
         The snatched photograph Le Sueur took of Simon was then put on Twitter to enable other members of the pack to recognise Simon when he left his home so that he could be harassed even more on social media. And that was one of the reasons why he was too scared to leave his home unaccompanied in the months before he died in June this year.
         On 6 February 2012 Simon sent a desperate email to his advocate William Grace saying Ian le Sueur has spent the whole weekend spamming Twitter with my picture saying I’m a con man, conning items out of celebs and duping people out of hard earned money.

         Le Sueur had been hiding his identity behind the profile name Fashion_Juice.
Even on his own KADIDPRINTS website
 LE SUEUR is too ashamed to show himself
         I refuse to let this go on a minute longer and am requesting you to send him a letter on Monday please, otherwise I will be sending him a letter, Simon’s email continued.
         We worked out that his tweets will have been seen by over 500 000 people now. He is a sick, vile piece of scum taking a picture of me in St Thomas Church and spreading it across the internet as a con man etc. Enough is enough, I have put up with it for a year and Monday it stops. 



         Jon, Simon’s father who is having great difficulty in coming to terms with what happened and the incredible fact that on a tiny island the authorities did nothing to stop his son being cyber-bullied to death over a period of two years or more. 

P.S. Note that I am not ‘Anonymous’ and nor am I hiding behind a false name like so many of the cyber-bully cowards do in Jersey. 

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