Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Catholic Paedophile Factory

Dear Catholic Parents,
         You have just been warned by none other than a Cardinal, who was one of the men who chose the new Pope that you should keep your children well away from any Catholic priests because you never know if they happened to have that illness.
         I’m not sure if it is air born or spread by close contact. But what is certain is that it ruins people’s lives forever.
         It’s been rife in the Church for centuries, but it is only now that it has been diagnosed as an illness by none other than South Africa’s Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier who is also the Archbishop of Durban.
         But perhaps I am taking a liberty when I say "diagnosed" because although Napier told BBC Radio 5 in a live interview that from "my experience paedophilia is actually an illness, it is not a criminal condition" he has been back tracking ever since. 

O'Gorman was raped in his teens by Father Sean
Fortune, one of Ireland's most notorious paedophiles
 "What gets me is Bishops appoint priests that they know have abused children to new parishes & more abuse happens," Colm O’Gorman, who now helps an Irish charity that assists abused victims. 

         Napier told the BBC that two priests he knew had been abused as children and had later started doing the same thing themselves. Because of their background he believed they were not criminally responsible for what they did.
That’s the modern cop out for crimes by turning them into an illness to make them seem less serious than they are by making out that the perpetrators can’t help what they do.
Some expert will tell us one of these days that murder is an illness.
         Napier has since claimed he was "taken out of context." But how you get taken "out of context" in a live broadcast only a Cardinal will know.
         He has been Twittering away with these conflicting words of wisdom. "I apologise to Victims of Child Abuse offended by misstatement of what was & still is my concern about all abused including abused abuser. Therefore Paedophilia must be treated. What must be punished is the Crime of Sexual Abuse of Children." As if there is any difference.
           "How can society deal justly, fairly & equitably with the abused, who has suffered incalculable damage, then goes on to abuse?" was another one of his quotes. "Such abuser should received treatment to make good the damage done to him."
"In prison or out of it, that’s for experts to decide," he added after having given us the impression that he was the expert on the subject.
His remarks also gave us a good idea of which side he is on.
         So it seems that if anybody has an illness it is this Cardinal. He has foot-in -mouth disease. And one wonders if any criminal action was ever been taken by his church against those two abusing priests he said he knew.
         If we assume that this is an illness that is passed from generation to generation, that makes the Catholic Church even more culpable for the spread of the disease among the children of its 1.2-billion followers.
         When it comes to paedophilia the Church has been a rabbit warren of deceit with cover ups being far more important than a cure. Victims were bribed or threatened with excommunication to ensure their silence.
         The situation was so bad that even Pope Benedict XVI, who has just resigned, issued a document telling Bishops to hush up cases of abuse.
         And the Church’s condonation of the practice couldn’t have been better illustrated by the attendance at the Vatican of Cardinal Roger Mahony, who was among the 115 cardinals who have just chosen the new Pope.
By hook or by crook was what he preached
         He was there even though he retired in 2011 after a huge cover up scandal that he admitted orchestrating.
         He had been Archbishop of Los Angeles (1985-2011) which recently paid $10-million compensation to four men molested by the Rev Michael Baker.
         Mahony’s contribution to the spread of the Church’s sickness was to allow Baker to continue as a priest for four years after he had admitted molesting children. Mahony’s cover up was eventually blown and Baker was jailed for 10 years in 2007 after pleading guilty to 12 offences.
         This however was just a small part of Mahony’s Christian work in trying to ensure that the Roman Catholic name remained pure.
         As part of the 2007 agreement the diocese paid a record $660-million to settle 500 clergy abuse lawsuits. Documents showed how Mahony had done his utmost to protect molesting priests.
         "People say, Why didn’t you call the Police," the unrepentant cleric said. "In those days no one reported these things to the Police, usually at the request of the families. What I did was consistent with what everybody did, in the Boy Scouts, in public schools and private schools across the country."
         That seems as good an excuse as any don’t you think, especially for a pillar of the Catholic Church.
         I liked that "usually at the request of the families" bit. And you would expect a church to set a far better example than to go along with what everybody else was doing that was so utterly reprehensible.
         Thankfully with the help of Cardinal Napier’s vision the Church has another heaven sent excuse for keeping the law at bay. Priests who molest little boys and girls are not criminals so there’s no need to call the Police.
         Now, with a clear conscience, the Church can administer its tried and tested remedy for this illness – move the bastards to another parish.
         Yours faithfully,
         Jon, who thanks God for his good luck in not having gone to a Catholic school and for having a voice so bad that I would never have qualified for a Catholic Church choir and that I didn’t have an angelic face that might also have got me in.  

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