Sunday, July 10, 2011

A sad reminder and a Great Tribute

Dear Mum,
        Here’s something that might interest you. It’s an out of the blue, sad reminder and a Great Tribute to my brother Michael, the second of your three boys.
        It’s the email conversation I had with John Midgley (1952) who was a year below me at Bishops, that posh Cape Town school that as you know the old man sent me to with unfortunately, very disappointing results. I must add that I never saw Midgley again after leaving school and I don’t blame him for not being able to spell John properly. But he certainly had a good memory for one of the Stars of the rugby team.
        Anyway here it is.

Hi John,
I see in the list I was sent in relation to the 60th anniversary celebrations of our year that I went to school with you. I couldn’t remember going to school when I was there. Hope to see you at the junket although I’ll probably be banned by the school (see Good Service Awards continued & Peter Toerien on my blog, I started it for a bit of fun and to keep me off the streets.
*   *   *

I played rugby with mike abbott U 15 in 1950 and U 16 in 1951; he had an elder brother, not in my year; my matric year was 1952.
john m.
*   *   *

They seem to have got it wrong then because they have your matric year as 1951, the same as mine. I was the elder brother. Sadly Mike died a couple of years ago of cancer.  As the saying goes the “Good die young,” so you know what that makes me.
*   *   *

very sad to hear of mike's passing; he was an amazing centre who partnered paul cannon, a devastating pairing in the U16 A which was unbeaten in 1951;  I lost contact with him totally after 1952, a great pity. I remember you, but not very well. 
john m.      
       Lots of Love Mum,

P.S. I realise Mum that you died 14 years ago, but here’s hoping you’ll get this wherever you are; not of course if we have to rely on the South African postal service because that has gone to HELL.

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