Saturday, July 16, 2011

Playboy editor speaks out

Here is what the New Editor of the South African edition of Playboy Magazine had to say about my blog with my comments in red.
Hi John (Does nobody know how to spell Jon properly)
New Playboy ed here. Read some of your blog – curious about how many people follow you currently. (About 3-million on an average day and 8.5-million when I write about Playboy Editor with a conscience - they are so rare)
OK, so I am another hire with a conscience. My conscience – however - tells me that we are free under our Constitution to choose where we buy, what we buy, what we say, what we see, what we read. I am deeply perturbed by your domestic arrangements that send you down to THE HUT to read Playboy. Stand up for your rights! Mouse or Man? (You wouldn’t be so brave if you had met my wife) In the first edition I have edited, hitting streets 25 July, you will find what you have been looking for. More than what you were hoping for. And plenty to share with other adults living in your home. (What! Is there nothing in it for the kids?) 
Hey, and change the font colours on your blog. It looks like Hef's pyjamas and is tough to read. (What more could I want than a colour like Hef’s pyjamas. Every girl has seen those. In any case I don’t know how to make the change)
Seeing that you take some pleasure in researching and ripping the cv's of editors, I will save you the trouble. Law degree UNISA, MBA Yale, and PhD from Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia. Thought I'll mention that PhD in Business Ethics and Governance and then take side bets that you make that joke "Business Ethics (don’t you mean Business Sexics?) – what an oxymoron." (Sorry I don’t know what oxymoron means. Journos don’t use such big words.)
Write on and push the envelope – a joy we both seem to share.
Charl du Plessis (Two plus three in your case adds up to sex)

            Thanks for your email Charl. I’m holding thumbs that your conscience doesn’t get the better of you, at least until you have beaten the record of three months in the editor’s chair that was set by your predecessor.
        Best wishes and Have Fun
PS. If you don’t mind me saying so Charl, you seem to be far too highly educated to edit a “non smut magazine.” But your email has got that Playboy post of mine moved up to the top of the pile again so you can just imagine how sales of that first edition, with you at the helm, will rocket.

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