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 Dear Readers,

Here’s is one of the joys of writing contentious posts on my blog.

        Kevin Pearman the get-rich-quick investment promoter who once called me a “supercilious prick” is again asking me to do him a favour. He phoned me and then emailed me saying: “Due to the immeasurable damage to my life and that of my wife and children, I implore you to take down the article (on my blog) you wrote about me on September 9, 2015.”

        “I stress,” he wrote “that I do not deserve to be punished, as my family and I have been over these last nine years due to this article. My only mistake was having Kevin Cholwich as a friend. He was, and still is, a crook and I did not realise it.”

        He claimed that as a result of my post about him headed “Guess who says he’ll pay back the money” his home was raided by 12 members of the accounting firm of Ernst and Young who were acting on behalf of the South African Reserve Bank. They took documents, cell phones and copied hard drives but found nothing wrong with his business dealings. But in spite this he maintains his “punishment remains on-going.” Nowhere does he make it clear what he means by this “punishment.”

        He went on that in contrast raids on the homes of Cholwich and others resulted in him being charged with fraud and other offences including money laundering relating to his FinCapital scam.

        He explained that years ago he severed his relationship with Cholwich when his actions “nearly destroyed the lives of his new-born children, his wife, my children and myself -- - all for his own selfish desires – my wife”, whatever all that means.

          I replied in an email: “Kevin it hasn’t yet dawned on you that you are judged in this life by the company you keep. And in your email to me you say that my blog post that appeared nine years ago has punished you and your family ever since. It has been so bad that you are only now complaining to me about it. You say that your only mistake was having Kevin Cholwich as your best friend and he was, and still is a crook yet you did not realise it. It’s incredible that you did not realise it because the type of scams you say Cholwich did could only work with wide publicity, so nobody will believe that his best friend did not know what he was up to.”

            You go on to say: “Cholwich has been scamming people since 1986 and has done nothing else.” And to make your innocent claim even more ridiculous you say that “after 15 years, following his despicable behaviour,’’he contacted you for a loan of “R10 000.” Then “out of kindness” to this big crook you helped him and forgave him and “re-established our friendship”. Therefore you have absolutely no excuse if some of his dubious reputation has rubbed off on you. Most of my posts by the person you called a “supercilious prick” are there to warn people about big crooks and the people who are in the same camp as they are, so the longer my posts remain where they are the better for everyone, particularly the gullible with money.                                                            

Before the post Pearman now wants taken down I had posted several other stories about his  money making schemes like: Cell C’s strange dealings with man of many promises and Big business turns on little man with ‘brilliant’ concept. They were based on what he told me in emails. And there were others like Hijacked Blue Bulls logo used in Investment Scam and Telkom scuppers another Kevin Pearman get-rich-quick scheme.

          The Cell C one was unsolicited. I knew nothing about it until he told me in emails that ran to numerous pages that included full details of his marketing agreement with Cell C, as well as a photograph of himself to go with the story.

        Cell C promptly cancelled the contract after I asked the then C.E.O Alan Knott-Craig if this had his firm’s blessing – a question anybody might have asked if they had contemplated investing in this marketing scheme which Kevin claimed could easily make investors an extra R800 000 a year.

       At the time Pearman told me in an email that he believed I was responsible for having the contract cancelled, “but I have no hard feelings, if it was,” he added “because I believe that everything happens for the best.”

      He then asked me for the first time to removed two of the posts I had written about him because he had now found two very big ‘corporates’ that were interested in taking his N-Tyre Solutions business under their wings. This was a tyre monitoring invention for trucks that was designed to provide huge savings to transporters. Kevin had been selling shares in this for some time but it had never got off the ground.

          He wanted me to remove the posts because his two potential investors in N-Tyre would not go ahead while these detrimental posts were still there. I did what I have just done now I turned down his request.

          This really set him off. In an email he told me, “I’m amazed at the incongruity between your pompous self-righteous claim to show up the rouges that advertise scams in the papers contrasted with the fact that you feel justified in attempting to destroy the business (N-Tyre Solutions) that I have built up and one in which 450 people will be affected due to your feeble effort to make yourself feel important. Any how, I have at least 98% of shareholders on my side and I have let them know that you are the one blocking our progress.

Pearman using  Blue Bulls
rugby name to promote
one of his dubious schemes
         “What has caused you to become such a supercilious prick – a legend in his own lunchtime? Do you have a small penis? Were you not breast fed? Have you lived your life in the closet? Did the kids tease you at school or all of the above?

          “Look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘What have I actually achieved in this life.’

          “I can look in the mirror and see a face that is honest, has never hurt anyone and who has achieved 3 awards as an inventor contributing to this life. I created the Make Sense (to sell Cell C sim cards) that took off like a rocket and your interference (merely asking the C.E.O. if the scheme had his approval) which destroyed the aspirations of 140 people plus blocked my attempts at raising money for my other project (N-Tyre Solutions). If it were not for people like me mankind would still be rubbing sticks together to make a fire and your mother would have smothered you at birth.Your claims at being a ‘watchdog’ are laughable – no wonder nobody reads your pathetic blog you miserable cretin. 13/9/2013”.

        When I asked him who the two big potential investors in N-Tyre were he refused to name them.

        I could write a book about Pearman’s various dubious schemes all of which he claimed would make his investors rich but surprise, surprise his promises just don’t seem to materialise.

        After the last time he asked me to take down posts about his schemes I suddenly started getting mystery calls on my landline in the early hours of the morning. Well Kevin Pearman if you want to start that childish game once again, be my guest because I still have the same landline number.


Jon, the blogger with a prick that seems to be constantly sticking into Kevin Pearman where it hurts most.                       







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