Thursday, October 29, 2020


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         For nearly two decades The Butcher of Rosebank was allowed to go on operating while the Health Professions Council that is supposed to police doctors failed dismally to prevent him maiming patient after patient.

         His serious criminal activities were completely ignored even though they were so wide ranging that they should have stopped him from practising medicine entirely. Other people have been jailed for less.

         I am a former Sunday Times investigative journalist turned Private Eye, now retired.  And it was while working as a self-employed PI specialising in life insurance that I was asked to investigate the dread disease scams perpetrated by Dr Wynne Lieberthal, his doctor friends and a bent broker. The 600 page report I compiled for the various life companies involved formed the basis for this 300 page book.

         It contains the names of perhaps 60 or more doctors and other people in the medical professions as well as the particularly tragic stories of people who came under the Butcher’s scalpel.

         Mariskca du Plessis, the girl on the cover was just 14 when the Butcher put her into a wheel chair for life.

         The Book’s Chapter headings tell a story of their own: Sensational photograph; Bad addiction; Spreading cancer; Another doctor catches it; Media frenzy; Doctors eat Doctor; After his blood; Ailing advocate’s secret; Missing surgeon and so on.

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  1. Dr Lieberthal was our house doctor. Straight out of med school or wherever. My parents knew him well enough to invite him over for tea. I feel a lot of what he did and said was odd at the time I knew him. He diagnosed my sister with Grave's disease - which was correct. And then promptly made my entire family go through a barrage of tests to see if we had it too... my dad's medical aid was a good one and covered it all. However, my mother later came to suspect that he possibly got kick backs from the referrals he made to other doctors and the tests.