Tuesday, March 3, 2020

WORLD PANIC is about to destroy millions more lives than the VIRUS itself.

Dear Sensible People,

        President Trump and others of influence around the world
have been telling us not to PANIC about the Corona Virus. But that's exactly what governments everywhere are doing.
        They are busy closing the world so that we don't catch something that is no worse than a bad cold and far less deadly than numerous other illnesses that millions of people get every day.
        This post was written on 3 March 2020 and on 30 March Trump had this to say:
        "We can't have the cure worse than the problem."  
          According to Wikipedia 251 086 people died between 2001 and 2020 in a handful of what could be considered worldwide epidemics. These do not include the current Corona Virus.  2009 was the worst year when flu accounted for 231 318 of us.
          In the last 20 years this kind of deadly scourge has taken the lives of only a total of a mere 0.000096% of the world's population of 7.8 billion people. Now the Corona virus arrives and everybody completely ignores these figures. They go into a tail spin as if this virus is certain to take out huge numbers of people all around the globe unless it is contained urgently.
          Only about 3% of the 90,000 who have got it so far, mainly in China (Population 1.4-billion) where it started, didn’t make it. It’s hardly surprising that the majority of these were the elderly at the end of the line anyway.
It has so far spread to 60 countries with the Panic Reaction galloping ahead of it.
Panic is being revved into top gear in the United Kingdom (Population 66-million) where they are such pessimists that they are planning to extend the existing mortuary facilities to take the bodies of all the people who haven’t even got sick yet – just in case, you understand.
Panic has caused Japan to cancel its April Cherry Blossom Festival that attracts millions of visitors each year. The Olympic Games that is on the horizon there is also in danger.
Panic has put an end to the planned conference in Cape Town that was scheduled to attract 600 accountants and lawyers from around the world to the city soon. Imagine what a loss that is to the area in a country with a depressed economy. These well healed professionals would have given the city a huge boost.
Panic has shut some schools in Britain after a couple of children were diagnosed with the virus.
Panic has cause a State of Emergency to be declared in Florida (Pop. 21-million) in the USA where two patients have been isolated until cleared by officials. This emergency is similar to alerts issued in parts of California, the country’s most populous state with 37-million people and Washington State (Pop.8-million).
Panic has forced Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson to tell the nation that “a mass epidemic is now possible in the UK.”
Panic among airlines is costing them millions in lost revenue as they whittle down the number of destinations they fly to.
Panic is causing people all over the place to cancel their holidays.
Panic buying is emptying shops as people fear food shortages.
Panic has sent stock markets plummeting.
Billionaire Magda is South Africa's richest woman and is co-founder
and CEO of a financial service company
Panic has already brought assembly lines of vehicle manufacturers in various countries to a halt because they can no longer get essential parts from their usual Chinese suppliers.
Panic will put millions out of work and destroy economies. People could  starve to death.
Panic buying cleared pharmacies in South Africa (Pop.60-million) of masks months ago. I phoned branches of Clicks (700 outlets) and Dischem (106) and at both of them I was told the same story: “Sold out ages ago.” 
That’s how prepared South Africa is even before the Virus really gets going on our shores. So far we have been spared. Our Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize is talking as though his department has everything in place to cope with all eventualities on the
Virus front. Apart from the lack of masks how is he going to solve this aspect? I gather that those who suffer badly from the Virus will need to be on respirators and I can’t 
This is precisely my point
imagine that our hospitals have many of these – certainly not enough to have whole wards full of patients on them. And if people get put on them at home there is the added problem of them having to hold their breath when the power goes off during load shedding. Then there is a question over the flu vaccination that people recommend because nobody wants this disease on top of the Corona Virus. But at my chemist, a branch of DisChem nobody knows when it will arrive.
          Bloomberg the financial media company quotes Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease specialist at John Hopkins University in the States as saying, “The CoV emergency in China has definitely exposed supply chain vulnerability for the pharmaceutical industry which relies heavily on Chinese manufacturing.”
          James Johnson a professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota added to this worrying aspect with this: “Suddenly we could see a big shortage of even boring, old fashioned antibiotics, let alone the new fangled ones.”
          So if the Corona Virus doesn’t kill us, which it won’t, certainly not on anything like a massive scale, Panic could easily do it if we can’t get hold of all kinds of medicines including the run of the mill ones that so many of us take every day just to stay alive.
She can say that again. She was the doctor who dealt with South Africa's first case
          Hopefully this will finally teach the Western world that there is a great deal of truth in that old adage: Never put all your eggs in one basket – China.
Jon, who has for years been studying Panic to see if he can find a cure. However the only conclusion he has come to is that as there is no antidote; the only way to rid the world of it would be to lure humanity to its complete destruction much like the Pied Piper did with rats. “A little drastic I know, but has anybody got a better idea? On second thoughts isn't that exactly what we are doing now?"

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