Tuesday, November 12, 2019

How our daughter Belinda got to hold THE CUP

Dear Sports Fans,

         The last thing we would have expected was to see this daughter of ours with THE CUP.
         She’s not a bit sporty and I don’t think she knows a rugby player from a cricketer.
         But there she was holding THE CUP looking as pleased as any winner.
         I’m sure the rest of the family were just as surprised as we were. She’s a fashion designer not some hot shot athlete; let alone a Springbok rugby fan.
         So how could she have possibly wangled it to be pictured like this holding THE CUP?
         The secret’s out now.
         Here is the all revealing picture of her holding THE CUP.

         Her friend Australian TV personality Shaynna Blaze invited Belinda Glynn to accompany her to the Melbourne Cup - Australia’s premier horse race that brings the nation to a standstill once a year. 150 000 people were there, although attendance was down this time because of animal abuse protests.
         It seems there’s always somebody protesting about something wherever you go these days.
Shaynna beside the helicopter they arrived in
         They were flown in by helicopter in true celebrity style and whisked away to the Bird Cage, otherwise known as the V.I.P. enclosure. In one of the marquees the cup was passed around for people to have their pictures taken. Everybody handling it had to wear a white glove so as not to damage it in any way, as if Vow and Declare, the first Aussie horse to win in a decade was worried about that as it passed the winning post.
         Outside the area where Belinda was that was reserved exclusively for the toffs the peasants were living it up in keeping with their status as these Daily Mail pictures show.
Not one of the winners and a Flower Child looking 
for his bottle
A stickler for tidiness

A Sure Bet
          Darling, I’m so thankful we were well separate from that lot. The way they behaved was absolutely ghastly. Imagine the trouble we would have if one of them managed to gate crash our New Year’s Eve Ball. It would spoil it completely.
         True to her sporting pedigree Belinda didn’t even have a bet, something she might have regretted if she had heard that one young punter won a cool $800 000 shortly after he bust up with his girlfriend on the course. But there’s nothing like a win like this to bring a couple together again.
         Belinda and her friend certainly had their fill of racing over two days which gave our daughter, the sole inspiration behind the Once Was fashion label, the opportunity to show off another one of her own designs.
         I couldn’t possibly be seen in the same creation two days running, my dear. I would never live that down.
Belinda & husband
         Shaynna is an interior designer, writer and former singer who is best known for co-hosting shows like Selling House Australia and other ones to do with the buying and selling of houses and the like.
         Belinda Glynn is a naturalised Australian, born and educated in South Africa where she studied clothing design at the Natal Tech before emigrating to Melbourne. There she has made quite a name for herself as a fashion designer.
         Jon & Gayle

P.S. Do you recognise this CUP?

P.P.S. For those in the more civilised parts of the world where they don’t play barbaric games, the relevance of this story is that South Africa has been in the grip of rugby fever since it won the rugby WORLD CUP for the third time in Japan. And THE CUP, followed by crazed fans, has just been paraded around the country.

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