Monday, June 27, 2016


Dear South Africans, 
The Black Education Minister in the Gauteng Province, Panyaza Lesufi has just shown that he is the most level-headed social media user in South Africa. He’s educated us all brilliantly. Thanks so much Minister for setting such a shining example.
Let’s hope you are followed by the entire country.
On Sunday when Lesufi went on Twitter he was shocked to be bombarded by an unprovoked racial attack. An anonymous user called him a “Fucking Kaffir” paedophile.
The cowardly racist hid behind the name “Summer Starstead” using the handle @uncucklord.
To illustrate his “cuck” he took a picture from Lesufi’s Twitter feed of the Minister in the jeans he wore in case he had to jump over a fence to get into a Johannesburg crèche that was said to be separating white and black kids during meal times.
“Here you have Gauteng MEC for Education @lesufi ready to jump a fence to take pics of toddlers. Fucking Kaffir pedo,” was his inflammatory comment
Instead of blasting off against his incredibly uncouth detractor he showed the kind of maturity not yet displayed in similar circumstances in South Africa. He also didn’t rush off to lay a complaint to the Equity Court in the hope that it would be able to track down and nail this racist in the same way it had done with former estate agent Penny Sparrow. She was fined R150 000 for calling Black beachgoers monkeys.
No, he did nothing more than to politely tweet, “Don’t call me with the K-word please.” This just goaded @uncucklord to hurl further abuse at him with the use of the K-word and the question as to why he was not wearing “piss-soaked animal skins” as this was his “traditional attire.”
The Minister was referring to Hendrik Verwoed,
            South Africa's Prime Minister who was credited
with being the architect of apartheid
         Again he kept his cool with this reply: “This one keeps calling me with the K-word. I’m not going to block him. He must just enjoy insulting me.”
It was obvious that this gutter snipe stuff was coming from a White person.
The Minister subsequently told his 27 200 followers: “Racists can insult me as they wish, but my commitment to a non-racial, equal and quality education for all our children remains unshakeable.
“Their children will study, dance and play with our children in one class and drink water from the same tap. If this hurts racists hard luck.”

The Times reported that he said his parents had taught him “to respect those who hate you, as it is through respect that you can change your enemy.”
Well done again Panyaza. Nothing annoys people more when you don’t react as expected however much they insult you.
By taking punitive action against these gutless snipers too scared to show themselves you only turn them into heroes among their own kind. You put them in the lime light they are craving. And then the racialism wrecking ball carries on dividing our society.
Jon, a Minister Panyaza Lesufi ADMIRER.

P.S. Here’s a group who would have done well Mr Minister to have had your sensible approach. The case of course was very different. There was no racialism involved. All I did was take four journalists to task for using foul language on twitter. The significance was that they wouldn’t be allowed to use the same words when writing for the publications they worked for, so I argued that by using them on Twitter they were damaging their own and the reputations of whoever employed them. And even though they were in the business of criticising other people, all but one of them could not take it from me, so they BLOCKED ME on Twitter. The Blockers

*Note: “Cuck” is short for cuckold. It has been given all kinds of meanings most of them very racist and disgusting. But it is apparently most commonly used on Twitter to describe anti-white Whites. I can’t see where that fits in this case. Another definition which is appropriate is that it is an “unscrupulous person.”
You can’t of course have fewer scruples than Summer Starstead who the Minister assumed is a man, but if Sparrow’s actions are anything to go by there could be a woman behind it. 

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