Saturday, September 19, 2015


Dear Belinda Boo,

          Yippee that’s Fantastic. Congratulations   
on such a very impressive achievement.

          Your Scoop makes the best one your journalist Dad ever had look like the lead in a church circular.
          Well done again. It’s a just reward for your years of hard work.
          For those who don’t know this is what it’s all about.
          The MailOnline, which is said to be the most widely read website on earth with one or two more readers than my blog, has just come out with 15 pictures of Australian model Ashley Hart. Her stunning good looks got her the ambassador role for the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW).
          This 27 year old blonde replaced Victoria’s Secret’s Shanina Shaik in the ambassador role for Just Jeans and is the sister of Jessica Hart another Victoria’s Secret model.  
          What do you think she is wearing in everyone of those photos?
Ashley Hart
          A Harley jump suit designed by none other than our Belinda Glynn the sole designing talent behind the Melbourne OnceWas (formerly SpencerLacy) label. The name is most appropriate because she once was Belinda Abbott from Johannesburg, commonly known as Boo, now a fair dinkum sheila married to Cam and living in Melbourne.
          Boo has been a designing woman from birth. She would be drawing when all the other kids were playing.
          Later at school at St Teres's otherwise know as Craighall Convent in Johannesburg when they were handing out the art cup, who do you think got it year after year?
          At college where Boo studied Clothing Design she worked her but off.  She got the highest overall marks for every year of the three year course.
          She must have got her brains from her Mum because her Dad spent his entire school career banished to the corner.
          In her final year she passed CUM LAUDE with 11 DISTINCTIONS – two more than the next best student in the
class of 35.
          Australia’s Fashion Journal that highlights the Fashion Week which took place earlier this month begins with another picture of the same Boo jump suite in a different colour.

          On Page 8 the journal has this to say about our designing daughter.

          Here are some of her other creations that are part of the collection that were seen on the catwalk.

           Your Mum and I as well as the rest of your family 
on the South African side of the pond that divides us are 
ever so proud of your achievements. 
Boo the model
          And so is Cam and his clan on your side.
          It’s just a pity that your Mum and I couldn’t
be over in Oz for your Big Week. But that’s 
the way the cookie crumbles as the saying goes.
          Keep up the good work,
          Lots of Love from all of us,
          Mum & Dad.

       Note: Nigel is my wife's Ex.      

Boo again in one of her jumpsuits (Ink) with her
National Sales Manager Linda Cerny

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