Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Dear South African 
        This is why my wife Gayle and I will be voting for the Democratic Alliance in the election.
        Until six years ago we were living in the African National Congress run Johannesburg, the industrial heart of our country. The inefficiency there was mind boggling. There was a pot hole of examples bigger than Table Mountain that would take a book to list them all.
        Our parting inefficiency gift from Joburg was this. When you sell a house there you have to pay your property rates six months in advance before transfer can go through. Then if this happens after say a month you are entitled to get five months back. It took us almost a year of unanswered emails and fruitless phone calls before we got what was due to us.
        And that was only because we contacted a DA councillor in Joburg who intervened.
        Of course if we had emigrated to say Australia somebody at the Council might well have pocketed our money.

        In the DA controlled Cape Town where we now live you can easily contact heads of departments who actually answer the phone and who deal with your problem promptly.
        As an example of the Council’s spot on efficiency we had a water leak on the pavement outside our house on a Sunday. It was fixed a mere three hours after I reported it.
        Had it happened in Joburg the waste of water would have gone on for days if not weeks.
        So if you want an efficient administration not only for the place where you live but for the entire country the only answer is to VOTE 
        Jon and Gayle  
P.S. If you don't listen to me you must definitely listen to my wife. If anybody knows what's good for you she does. Ask DA leader Helen Zille. 

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