Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TAFELBERG another word for service excellence

Gareth Baker
Dear Shoppers,
          I bought one of the best makes of vacuum cleaners, brand new on a Friday afternoon. And when I unpacked the Miele from its box I noticed it had a small split in the casing.
         So I immediately phoned Joan Harris, the lady at Tafelberg Furnishers who sold it to me and told her about the problem. She said she would speak to her manager and shortly afterwards she assured me a new one would be delivered to my house the next day.

         And sure enough on the Saturday morning I got the replacement as promised.

         That’s what you call brilliant service made exceptional by the fact that I don’t live down the road from Tafelberg’s store.

         The delivery was a 60 km round trip.

         So if you live in Cape Town I can’t speak too highly of the way this company does business and I would recommend it any day.

         I phoned the Executive Director Gareth Baker (pictured) to say how please I was about the service I had received at the Diepriver branch. He replied: Firstly thank you for the call.
         We pride ourselves on our service and after sales service. Our sales team and in fact all our staff are measured on “Happy Customers.” We believe that if our customers can be our front line promoters then half the battle is won in today’s cut throat business environment. Everyone offers a competitive price; it is the service our customers receive that differentiates us from the rest.

         We do not want to conform to industry standards when our goal is to stand out.

         I will pass your congratulations onto to Joan Harris and I will inform her branch manager and the regional manager as well.
     In this age of self service and generally declining business standards Tafelberg stands out like a lighthouse on a very dark night.

         We shoppers would all be a lot better off if every firm subscribed to the Tafelberg way of keeping customers HAPPY.

         Jon, a Happy Tafelberg buyer and Consumer Watchdog

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