Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spineless Britain asking for terror

Dear People of Britain,

         Incredibly there’s still a semblance of backbone left in spineless Britain. And it’s taken an extremely brave woman to show us what real strength and guts are all about.
         Public spirited Ingrid Loyau-Kennedy did what most of us would not want to be involved in. She jumped off a bus near London’s Woolwich army barracks to see if she could help what she thought was an accident victim lying in the road.
         The young soldier turned out to be the victim of a particularly gruesome crime. Initially Ingrid was unaware of this. She was intent on doing what she could with her Cub Scout leader, first aid training. But having felt the man’s pulse she realised she had come too late.
    As she stood up the full horror of what had happened came terrifyingly to life. There right next to her were two black men who had just butchered Drummer Lee Rigby, 25 in broad daylight. In their blood covered hands they held knives, a meat clever and a pistol.
         Fearless Ingrid decided to speak to them to attract their attention to prevent them killing somebody else before help arrived as a crowd had gathered.
Ingrid & killer
And so began her bizarre conversation in which the one admitted he had slaughtered the soldier because he believed Rigby had killed Muslims in Afghanistan and he wanted to start a war in London.
The Telegraph reported that she said to the one, It’s only you versus many people so you are going to lose.
She was still not deterred by his chilling reply, I would like to stay and fight as she turned her attention to the other murderer.
Well, what about you? she asked. Would you like to give me what you have in your hands? I didn’t want to say weapons. I thought it was better having them aimed at me rather than everybody there and children were starting to leave school as well.

Second bloody murderer
There must be a medal for this kind of bravery.

Soon afterwards the killers were wounded in a shootout with the Police and taken to hospital.
         Britain then went into panic mode. Prime Minister Cameron cut short a Paris meeting to return to London to attend a national crisis meeting. And the Police issued a statement branding the killers as terrorists.
         If they were what I understand terrorists to be they were terribly bad ones. They were more likely two crazy blacks just trying to make a name for themselves.  Do real terrorists walk around next to a body inviting people to photograph them?
         But it seems your Government’s panic attack has given these two, who turned out to be British citizens of Nigerian origin, just what they wanted by upgrading their criminal act to one of terrorism.
         So as your country has now made Muslim world heroes out of these nobodies watch out for lots more copycats. 
         You only have your nation’s increasing weakness to blame for what’s happened to a once great country. Having let all kinds of so called asylum seekers and other riff raff into your country over the years, you mustn’t be surprised if amateur terrorists pop up all over the place with some real professionals in between.
         As a nation you are now so pathetic that you can’t even get rid of the obvious bad eggs that should have been given the boot long ago. It’s hard to believe that your little island once ruled half the world.
Take Jordan terror suspect Abu Qatada as an example. This sly cleric has cost you a fortune in extradition court cases over more than a decade.
But he’s still in Britain even though a Judge said of him, There’s no doubt he’s a national security threat. He’s also been dubbed Asama bin Laden’s right-hand man and was convicted of terrorism in Jordan in his absence.
Your unbelievably, criminal friendly courts keep him in your country fearful that the poor chap might have evidence obtained by torture led against him if he is returned to Jordan.
One minute he’s in jail the next minute this danger to the nation is out on bail and the next minute he’s back in prison. He’s making a complete fool of all of you.
Then there is Shrien Dewani (33) who can’t be extradited by soft Britain to stand trial in South Africa for the honeymoon murder of his wife, because he has conveniently developed depression.
Dewani wedding
Described as a British businessman he has been in an out of court since December 2010 once again at your expense.
And while the courts hem and haw South Africa is being asked to give assurances that he will be given five star hotel treatment in what seems to be the unlikely event that he will ever end up in a South African jail or even in that country.
Both his case and that of Abu Qatada are just two examples of how utterly pathetic your country has become.
And my bet is that if the killers of that soldier survive they will get a sentence that by no means fits the crime and once again shows how weak-kneed Britain is now.
Tragically there are not enough Igrids left to put the Great back into Britain.
Jon - in mourning for a dying country from where my ancestors came from, when it was a nation to be proud of.  

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