Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Man's real forte`- buggering up our planet

Dear Green People,
         All this Greening nonsense is wishful thinking in the extreme. Thousands of delegates have attended the BO17 (there’s no deodorant yet invented for that) conference in Durban where they waffled away for days and came away with nothing that will have any noticeable affect on Global Warming.
         Polar bears will continue to be on ever thinning ice and so will the rest of us while the real problem will go on being ignored.
         The South African Government wasted R200-million on this junket and if you add on what the thousands of delegates spent on flights, their accommodation etc the total cost could have been double that or more.
        Could any of those who attended tell me how many trees you can plant for 200 – million grand?
         To coincide with this massive holiday by the sea the local papers and TV channels were full of ridiculous advertisements telling us how everything would be rosy if only we would turn off the lights and that sort of thing.
         They also ignored the real problem.
         Probably half the 7-billion people in the world don’t even have lights to turn off. And even if they had and we all agreed to have two nights a week in complete darkness it wouldn’t help one bit while the factories in the industrialised nations like China and the USA continue to belch out hot air in ever increasing volumes.
         Added to this lethal concoction you have nuclear power stations that melt down every now and again. And ironically South Africa has plans to build plenty more of these as well coal fired ones while it’s Government was trying to convince the conference that everybody else should go Green.
So it’s obvious that you might as well leave you lights on 24/7 because that’s not what’s doing the damage.
         Still the real problem went unrecognised.
         If the rich nations don’t care about putting a break on Global Warming unless it can be done without affecting their pockets who in their right mind can expect  the poor to do anything about it. If you’ve got nothing, a tree is something to be cut down for firewood or to sell. It’s not something you plant when it won’t benefit you in your life time.
         All those delegates spent days at this COPOUT 17, trying to agree on a repeat of the pathetic Kyoto Protocol. That momentous non-event committed 37 developed countries to reduce their stinking footprints to 5% below their 1990 levels (whatever they were) by 2012. Five percent; that’s just a couple of fags for every person on the planet.
         Even if these squabbling countries agree to continue this charade it will take them 220 years to get to a 50% reduction and by then we will all be underwater or gassed by an atmosphere that you’ll have a job cutting with a knife.
        As man can’t even run many families successfully let alone entire countries what chance is there that he can put the world right when he has buggered it up himself.
         That’s why nature is stepping in as it has done since time began. And when it gets going democracy goes out of the window and it doesn’t waist time in endless, fruitless conferences.
         Over population that’s our real problem, which nobody wants to mention. No wonder you can’t see the trees for the people.
         Man might have come up with fantastic inventions but his real forte` is letting his you-know-what and his uncontrolled greed ruin our planet.
But don’t worry nature will sort this out in its own ruthless way without the help of Facebook or Twitter.
         It will take out those who man doesn’t kill with earthquakes, tsunamis, famines, floods, droughts, hurricanes, diseases and a few other things that it will no doubt come up with along the way.
         And when the population has been cut by half perhaps the world will cool down and get back to normal so that man can start buggering it up again.
More ominously nature might not give him a second chance.
         Who was it that wiped out the dinosaurs?
         Yours despondently,
         Jon, who is desperately trying to find a desert island that won’t be under water. 

P.S. While the delegates were procrastinating in Durban nature was getting on with  the job very efficiently outside the conference centre where its wild weather brought floods that killed eight people. 

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